Jazz Tewaga splits sin bin NRL legends, ‘Crazy Late Tackle, North Queensland Cowboys vs New Zealand Warriors

The North Queensland Cowboys have won 2-28 after a brilliant match against the New Zealand Warriors.

After giving the lead 22-6-6 at the break, Yodha hit back but the side had four minutes left. Valentine Holmes could not collect the game with a goal.

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But the Cowboys took full advantage of a warrior’s sin bin to set up a grandstand finish in the first half.

In the 1st minute, Judge Tebhaga, who played hard for the Warriors, hit the cowboy rookie Helm Luki in the late, giving the Warriors a 10-6 lead.

With an attempt last week, Luki, who made his debut, grabbed the ball and reached the line and crossed the ball before being hit by Tevaga.

In the past it would have been innocent, maybe even more fines came, in the NRL’s new crackdown era referee Matt Chechen felt there was no choice but to send Tevaga to the bin.

“You haven’t been able to do that in a long time, forget the crackdown of the past few weeks,” Warren Smith said in a Fox League comment. It would be without a real mind. ”

Smith called it a “crazy late tackle.”

Media_cameraThe force of the other receiver was already in front of the bump.

On Bunker’s advice, Chechen said he took the White Place action because he sent Tebhaga off the field.

This is the first sin bin of the year.

But at halftime, Rugby League legends Greg Alexander and Gordon Tales were at loggerheads over whether the bin was worth 10.

Alexander said it was “too late” and suspended Roster’s Auschwitz Crichton to achieve what was expected, and that Genesis would follow suit.

“(Asgus Crichton) was not sent to the sin bin but was suspended – it was different than he was shot for two weeks,” Alexander said. “It didn’t have much force, it didn’t hurt the player, but it was slow.”

“Did you hit him on the head?” Tallis said. “It simply came to our notice then. I understand that they are trying to get the hustle and bustle out of the game, but is that the only punishment? ”

Alexander replied: “I felt the same way.”

Talis: “There are 10 minutes in that bin.”

Alexander: “It is now.”

Talis: “Today is.”

Alexander: “We’re discussing what’s going on.”

The first sin bin of the weekend.
Media_cameraThe first sin bin of the weekend.

Mediated by Corey Parker, Tebhaga knew he was walking in the right line.

Alexander replied: “There was nothing wrong with that, but he should not have done it. That is easy to do. ”

Talis: “You’ve had a hard time in sports brandy for a while.”

Cowboys took full advantage of the extra man, scoring twice before half-time.

But Warriors, led by 18-year-old Wonderkind Reese Walsh, fell behind quickly in the second half and lost 22-1-18 in the first 10 minutes of play.

Walsh scored in the 48th minute in the 88th minute, before the next set-up, the Warriors won 2-2-22.

That Cowboys teen flyer Hamiso Tabui-Fido scored in the 75th minute.

The losing field goal also proved costly for the Warriors, as Valentine Holmes started from less than 400 meters to give the Cowboys a 2-2 victory.

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