Italy Cable Car Accident: Five-year-old Italian survivors fleeing intensive care

A five-year-old boy who survived last weekend Fatal cable car accident The Italian mountaineer who killed his parents and siblings is awake and will soon be moved out of intensive care, hospital officials said Thursday.

Eaton Viratn’s condition is critical after a cabin sank to the ground on Mount Motaron, killing 14 people, including his father, younger brother and grandparents. Thirteen passengers died in the incident, while Ethan and another child were taken to hospital. Another child later died.

“Etan is now conscious and alert, talking to his parents and looking around,” said a spokeswoman for Regina Margarita Hospital in Turin. “From a clinical point of view, he is still in critical condition due to severe trauma to his abdomen and fractures in his limbs.

“In the next few days he will be removed from intensive care and transferred to the hospital ward.”

Doctors believe Etain, whose family is Israeli, may have been gathered on a shield by his father at the Jerusalem Post. Reported.

Italian police arrested three senior managers from a cable car operating company in a tragedy on Wednesday. They are accused Deliberately deactivating emergency brakes When the cable is snooped, the cable car must stop falling from behind.

There have been “inconsistencies” in the cable car system since the service resumed in late April, Ansa said, quoting Chief Public Prosecutor Olympia Bossi. “It simply came to our notice then [cable car] “For many days he had been traveling on the road and had traveled a lot,” Bosi alleges.

Eitan’s plight is united Italy. Her schoolmates sent her an art project covered with colorful handprints and designs, which she enjoyed. “It’s a great tragedy,” Stefano Bresni, the father of one of his schoolmates, told the El Messaggero newspaper.

The message pinned to the rest of the teddy bear at the hospital read, “Hi Eaton, you have to make it. I’m leaving you my son’s stuffed animal. I love you. A mother,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

The mayor of Stresa, Marcella Severino, where the cable car started, handed over the paper to the boy’s aunt – his father’s sister – who was taking care of him. “He has great power, which will serve his nephew well. She is a constant presence in a child’s life, she is in good hands, ”she said.

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