Is AJ Brown’s voice message enough to recruit Julio Jones to join the Titans?

Julius Jones He makes it clear that he no longer wants to play with her Atlanta Falcon. “I want to win,” he said in an interview with Shannon Sharp.

The Balkans have not won much against the Super Bowl LI against the New England Patriots after losing their 28-23 overtime. The next time they were in the Atlanta Super Bowl was 1 year ago when they lost to the Denver Broncos.

Julio Jones has shown his intention to move on from the Atlanta Falcons, and some teams are ready to dig their paws into Jones. She is one of them Tennessee Titans, Jones is already trying to recruit two couples in public, with Derrick Henry and wide receiver AJ Brown running after him.

It’s important to remember that Jones doesn’t have much (or any) where he’s going to draft. But that didn’t stop Brown from sending a voice message to Jones and posting it.

Explaining why he should play for the John Titans, Brown made his post public. Titania is potentially landing Jones in Tennessee.

Jones told the Falcons months ago for a trade, Ian Rapoport of the NFL network, and Atlanta is acceptable to pursue a trade.

Brown’s campaign does not affect Jones’ recruitment

While Brown’s recruitment efforts are inspiring, his voice message ultimately doesn’t have much impact. Jones has no say in whether or not the Titans have been drafted. Titans general manager John Robinson should try to get Jones to settle in Tennessee.

Jones did not respond to a message sent away in two years, but he rarely posted on social media.

When you think of Brown’s attempt to influence Jones’ appointment, it’s bold. A player who tries to recruit another player, public or private, is harassed. The league’s legal waiver period expired in March, although it only applies to banned free agents.

The NFL does not penalize players for going for special players. But considering the tampering, NFL players generally have no power or influence over roster decisions, unlike the NCA, where players are more influential.

The Kansas City Chiefs, for example, were docked with draft picks, and in 2016 Jeremy McLean was fined heavily for contacting him before the independent agency began.


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