If India and New Zealand share the title, the World Test final will end in a draw

India And New Zealand The joint winner will be announced World Test Championship If the final ends in a draw or tie next month, the World Cricket Council said on Friday.

The two teams will meet in Southampton, England from June 18-22. 2 23 June 2 was the only day reserved for the lost game.

“If no positive result is achieved after the day, no day will be played and the game will be declared a draw,” the International Cricket Council said in a statement.

Competition between the world’s top-ranked parties will also apply to new adjustments for decisions.

The third umpire will now check any “short run” calls made by the field umpire and communicate the decision back to the official.

After a 3-1 series loss to England, Virat Kohli’s India booked their place in the World Final as the top-ranked Test nation.

Ken Williamson’s New Zealand secured their place when the series between South Africa and Australia was postponed this year due to a coronavirus epidemic.

Source: News24


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