Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai faces new sentence for anti-democracy China News

The media tycoon is already serving a 14-month sentence for attending an unofficial conference.

Jelly Hong Kong Hong Kong media tycoon and prominent pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai is expected to receive a new prison sentence for his role in a demonstration on October 1, 2011, when pro-democracy activists stormed the city.

This month, Lai and nine other activists pleaded guilty to holding an unofficial assembly. Among the nine are artists Lee Cheuk-yan, Figo Chan and Leung Knav-hung, known in Hong Kong as Long Hair.

He is expected to be sentenced on Friday.

Lyle has already completed a 1-month period to participate in a similar demonstration on August 1 18 and August 311, 2019 2019.

He has been in jail since December after his bail was denied in a separate case under the National Security Act.

He faces three charges under China’s new 20-legislation, including co-operation with foreign countries in response to protests.

Lai’s repeated arrests have drawn criticism from Western governments and international rights groups, which have expressed concern about freedom in the semi-autonomous region, including freedom of expression and assembly.

“Your Excellency, I have been working for democratic reform in China for more than 400 years,” Lee told the court during a hearing this week. “This is my incomparable love, love for my country with such a heavy heart.”

Beiji sees him as a traitor and an anti-China agitator.

Beiji says China has said that widely used security laws punishing insurgents, separatists, terrorists and those who have spent time in prison with foreign troops are important to restore stability and prosperity.

Earlier this month, officials said Property stable Belongs to, including his .21.26 percent stake in bank account and media publisher Next Digital.

Hong Kong’s security chief sent a letter to HSBC and Citibank branches earlier this month The city threatens bankers who have been jailed for years for making deals with billionaire accountsAccording to documents seen by Reuters news agency.

The move could hamper the tycoon’s return of offshore assets and the next digital Apple Daily tabloid, a fierce critic of the government, and any attempt at an outbreak, said a financial adviser to Lai.


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