Hershey Starr says she was ‘too scared’ to report to Lee Mitchell for cast on-set bullying

During a recent podcast, Happiness Star Heather Morris claimed that the bullying set by Lee Mitchell had to stop there and then, but “a lot of people were scared.” Speaking Everything about Danny Pellegrino is iconic In the podcast, she explained that she and other members of the cast who knew what was happening needed to “step up” and end it.

That was almost a year ago Michelle’s former co-star Samantha Marie Ware He made a post on Twitter that went to open the whole box of insects. The lead of the chain was probably kept in a seal. In the post she said, “When you live my first television jig, remember LMAO !! Never forget. I believe you all said that if you had done a very good job on this occasion!” The tactical microgravations that make me a career in Questin. “The Post would have recounted the incidents to other cast members or at least suggested they had experienced such issues.

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During the podcast, Heather Morris Said, “We could really go upstairs and go to Fox Exec and say how we felt about the situation, and no one really did.” […] I think a lot of people were very scared. I know, in fact, I didn’t think it was my place. And I don’t know why because I’m a cast member like everyone else and we all deserve to feel comfortable in one set. “

During the podcast, Morris elaborated on some of the things he said earlier Leaf MichelleEspecially when referring to a comment made last year when she said the stars were “unpleasant to work with”. His comments at the time were very self-explanatory without going into specific details, but there were some who wanted him to be clear about what had happened between them. “People like it, it’s a secret, why don’t you go and say it? I’m like me, friends, she’s pregnant, and all these things are going around, and it’s true, and I’m not. I don’t know if we’ve been bullied.” And that particular victim is to blame herself. “

The revelation caused Michael to lose several high-profile sponsorship and partnership agreements, including his deal with HaloFresh, but the result also got other intentions, for the new Riviera. The actress, who played Santana in the classroom Died in a tragic sailing accident Last year, there was years of speculation about a “feed” between him and Michelle, and the gossip columnists were constantly preying on it. At that point Morris added, “Often though, I’m sad that the new Riviera has finally proved right … it’s useless that she hasn’t felt so self-determined here.”

A lot of people say the truth will come to an end, and it looks like it did in many ways, but the whole story, like the recent revelations about Jose Vedon, only proves it once again until people have the courage to talk again. About these events, they can do so much damage that the outside world never knows.

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