Here are some phone tools that you can keep away from the phone

Google says Android now has more than three billion devices. Naturally, it’s the world’s most popular operating system, from phones to TVs, smartwatches, set-top boxes, tablets, and more.

There are similar Android devices available in the market, we think you, our readers, just think how far you are from your phones. Here’s how you voted Our survey.

How many Android powered devices are you separate from the phone?


We received a total of 1,13 votes in our survey, and most of you (2 %%) have no Android device other than your phone. In any case, about 2% of you say that you have at least one other Android device separate from your handset. Almost an equal number of voters have four or more Android devices, in addition to their Android phones.

In the meantime, 1% of you have at least two more Android devices and 10% have three other Android gadgets besides your phone.

Your comments

Shizuma: Nvidia Shield TV, Galaxy Tab S3, and I still have my old Nvidia Shield tablet.

Which is black: Much like shields and tablets tablets. Nest Max or Lenovo smart watch probably does not run Android.

mattc: I have an 8 ″ cheap tablet that I bought for a drone. It’s rarely used, but it’s not worth selling.

Evie: 2 tablets and an old phone that is now a music / smart hub.

Mike Newton: 2 phones, 2 watches, Chromecast.

MrGutts: TV and tablet left. All WearOS devices discarded.

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