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Hellista Editor Olivia Hartland-Robbins talks to Love Oney expert, Sarah Mulindwa, the channel’s presenter Sex clinic Discover the health benefits of masturbation and how to find the love of maximum love-pleasure In masturbation

Masturbation is necessary for women. It helps us find out what it does to maximize our sex life.

Masturbation also improves both body and sexual confidence.

Our bodies are more complex than humans and often, women may be afraid to explore their bodies even if they are ashamed or lack education.

But, the more familiar you are with your own personality, the easier it will be for you to share it with another person.

You will also learn about your sexuality and arousal preferences, which means you can easily communicate what you want with your partner, boosting your chances of being able to climax.

What are the health benefits of masturbation?

# 1 It reduces stress and anxiety.

In the case of good, sexual satisfaction is key.

I compare it to running or going to the gym twice a week – does it make a good difference to your signature? If it is okay, there will be masturbation.

When you reach a climax your brain senses good chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin that not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also help lift your mood.

When you reach your climax your brain releases a whole host of good chemicals

Considering the current weather, more and more people are experiencing stress, anxiety and low mood. If you feel too stressed to masturbate, give it up anyway – it can only help.

# 2 Good sleep

Orgasm helps produce the sleep hormone, prolactin.

With a good night’s sleep under your belt, you’ll be better equipped to face the day. We all know that we need the magic eight hours of sleep that we get if we are not stressed.

So if masturbation reduces stress and promotes sleep – this is a victory that will give you a good night’s sleep.

#Anti gets old

A study from the University of Michigan indicated that regular orgasms help increase estrogen levels.

Estrogen has anti-aging properties, orgasm increases blood flow throughout the body, including your face.

This, in turn, helps increase collagen production, meaning regular climaxing helps your face look younger.


# Health Healthy appetite

The little known and very happy side effects of regular climax are a healthy diet.

Some studies have shown that having an orgasm releases Phenethylamine, a natural amphetamine that helps regulate your appetite.

A study from the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that men and women who enjoyed regular sex had smaller hips and hips.

# Higher Higher libido

When do you envy your friends who always have sex in mind? The truth is, the more sex you have, the more you want.

Sexual activity also helps promote natural levels of lubrication. It also increases blood flow to the genitals to improve vaginal elasticity.

Masturbation Health Benefits2

# Ter good body image

‘My body can do this’

‘I really enjoy spending time with myself’

“I can’t get home tonight and search my body.”

Positive affirmations for your body help boost your spirit on a daily basis. Masturbation can positively affect your body image and promote a healthy relationship with your body.

Often as women we sometimes stay away from our bodies. We hide them, compare them, and judge them.

But when you are enjoying your body while masturbating – don’t check it. When you are in a state of having intercourse, for that time your body is the most amazing thing in the world.

When you are enjoying your body while masturbating – don’t check it.

Once you realize how your body can feel your confidence will increase and you will be in touch with yourself.

Oh and don’t think that this weirdness can be opened by itself – there’s no one else involved, it’s just you and you doing all these amazing things that make up your body that can be extremely positive to improve body image.

If your body can do this for you and make you feel that weird, you may find your body feeling embarrassed or negative.

# Bet better bladder control

An orgasm can help you avoid any ‘oops’ moments.

About 100 percent of women will experience bladder control issues in their lifetime. A weak level of bladder control tends to occur when our paroxysmal (or PC) muscles become weak.

Think of masturbation as a form of workout for these muscles

With an orgasm all those muscles contract, helping to strengthen them.

Think of masturbation as a form of workout for these muscles. This will result in better bladder control and more confidence around.

There are lots of excellent kejals Exercisers From the lava flow which can also improve the pelvic floor Tracy Cox Supersticks Kegel Training Set.

Pollen-cbd-sex-pair-sheets-bed -jpg

# 8 Improves sexual performance

Masturbation helps you become a better lover, and people who masturbate regularly are better at controlling their orgasm. It makes them better in bed and can help men with problems like premature ejaculation.

Some women are more active by clitoral stimulation and other women are more likely to climax through penetration and G-spot. Masturbation helps to find this information and makes you feel better in bed.

People who masturbate regularly are best at controlling their orgasms

To spice things up and find out what we enjoy, we need to look at our bodies through masturbation and share that information with our boyfriend or partner.

After the lockdown, people may have experienced a change in their sex life.

People who were unmarried through lockdown may have less libido, and couples may have spent more time together to make their sex life reach a plateau.

How should you get started if you have never done this before?

Clitoral stimulation is key. On the outside of the observation that there are not more than 5,000 itor nerve endings. That’s double those numbers in one gender.

A clitoris is made up of 18 different parts – a mixture of erectile tissue, muscle and nerves. All those little pieces are working together to create the amazing sensations that anyone with clitoris felt when they were orgasming.

The key with clitoral stimulation is to start soft and slow and then apply more pressure or velocity when the body asks.

Start soft and slow and then apply more pressure or velocity when the body asks me to

A little teasing can ramp up the joy and save on hand cramps. Start, pause for a few seconds, and rejoice again. Repeat as needed.

Take a look at your mood and see if masturbation is helping you. Pay special attention to how your sleep has changed. All of these things fit together as a woman for your general well-being.

What is the best way?

Here are some tricks that work best when stimulating the clitoris:

Vein – Use your fingers or a sex toy to slide up and down or back and forth on your clitoris and clitoral hood.

Tap dance – It can help build a soft tapping motion on the clit and hood to gently orgasm.

Pinch – Use your first two fingers to gently pinch your clitoral hood and gently tug up and down.

But masturbation is like all sex: it is a question of trial and error. Use different methods and toys and establish what works best for you. No two women are the same.

Masturbation Health Benefits3

How often should we do this?

Remember everyone is different and there is no right or wrong answer for the time you have to masturbate. It’s completely down to you and how your body feels.

Everyone has different libidos, sometimes you are in the mood and other times you don’t care. Go with what your body says.

Aim to masturbate once or twice a week

To see the health benefits though, aim to masturbate once or twice a week. If it helps and makes you feel better – go for it – there are no boundaries.

There are no health side effects or drawbacks to masturbating too much – so knock yourself out!

How can sex toys promote masturbation?

Sex toys are really icing on the cake when it comes to masturbation. There are thousands of toys available so if you are a beginner it can be quite scary.

It is important to include sex toys on your masturbation schedule because it makes you realize that toys can do things that human sex cannot do.

My advice is to start short and work your way up if you want. Slimmer vibrators are suitable for those new sex toys and a person with rabbit ears provides double stimulation of both odor and G-spot.

Of Lavani Jessica Rabbit Slimline A great, small vibrator that is designed for everyone with a variety of settings.

Slimmer vibrates are perfect for those new sex toys

For the slightly more experienced user, I recommend Lovehoney Iandite Wand Vibrator – Dand massages are one of the fastest growing sex toy categories, competing with the traditional vibrator in popularity.

They give very powerful vibrations and many women report more intense orgasms using them. This is another toy for regular users to try Clitoral vibrator desire – Voted the best vibrator in the world.

Using toys on your own helps you figure out what you need for arousal that you don’t always find out about sexual intercourse with another human.

Find new things and explore what makes a toy better. You never know when you might try!

Masturbation health benefits

How can you avoid problems like friction and over-sensitivity during masturbation?

All types of sex are good with lubricants and it also includes masturbation.

The fact is that people who use lubricants have better sex – not only to make slippery stuff easier, it also makes outdoor sports more enjoyable.

Contrary to popular belief, lube is for everyone, not just people whose bodies are struggling to produce natural lubrication.

If you feel that your body is doing a great job without any help, you may be lost in all your happiness without knowing it.

Of Lovehoney Enjoy a water-based lubricant Is a great enhancer of masturbation.

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Sara Mulindava Known as an actress and TV presenter. Sara Mulindawa runs a documentary series called Sex Clinic on Channel One.

She is a former fashion editor for the magazine 188383. In addition, she works as a radio presenter at Hoxton Radio.

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