Hawthorne doesn’t consider the “dangerous” coaching route

Hawthorne will not stand in the way of Salmon Mitchell’s senior coach if someone presents in the near future.

Mitchell, who is coaching Box Hill in the VFL, is considered one of the other top head coaching candidates – Hawthorne or elsewhere.

Alistair Clarkson is out of contract at the end of 2022 and Hawks CEO Justin Reeves says the club will stay with him at the end of the year.

“Nothing is guaranteed. Alistair has been an amazing contributor to our football club and we are really happy he coached our team, but we will all sit down and see what the future looks like, Sen’s Dwayne’s World.

“You don’t have to wait around the club for 1 year unless the relationship is really good. We will sit down and discuss the right time. ”

If the Hawks have promoted Clarkson and he is far from 2022, Reeves is happy to see Premiership hero Michelle next.

“If Sam wants to be a senior coach, and all the reports are that he does, and he’s going to be a good senior coach, we’ll be happy, like we do with everyone in that place, to do what is best for us. Everything,” Reeves added.

“If he were to coach elsewhere in the future, we should look into that.

“There’s just a lot of senior coaching work going on around and a lot of them have come out of Hawthorne in recent years.

“We have a pretty good track record and that will only play out.”

Reeves said he has no plans to create a style handover with Mick Malthhouse-Nathan Buck at Hawthorne with Clarkson and Mitchell.

“It’s dangerous to go that route and none of our assistant coaches have gone that route,” he said.

“We have five or six assistant coaches gone and get senior jobs and generally we are really happy for their development.

“If that happened to Samus or anyone else … we would support them and have those conversations and do what we do best.”


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