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It started with some mouth ulcers and fatigue. Soon after, she found herself in Canberra Hospital with myocardial leukemia (AML). She was thirty-four years old. Today is World Blood Cancer Day and to spread awareness, this is the story of Rowena McLean about how she sidelined AML. On December 22, 2016, Rowena McLean discovered that her life was about to change in her head. “I’m planning a Christmas day,” Ms. McLean said. Read more: Bundanun Tracker responds to Emergency Covid 19’s phone call from Nepal “I was busy cleaning the house, shopping and taking care of my two-year-old daughter Haley.” However, I could close my eyes and keep everyone open. Day “The mother of two daughters described her first phase of chemotherapy, which included a bleed nose.” The medical team kept feeding me platelets and I constantly needed ice on my head, “she said. They were giving me medicine on clothes. Blood, but I was swallowing so much. Also read: Garbage plant briefing session leaves protesters in the cold “” While I was taking the tablet to stop the bleeding, I slapped the size of a golf ball. “After three rounds of chemotherapy, the Goulburn resident was completely healed, or so he thought. In February 2012, it came back to the bone. She had to move to Sydney for a bone marrow transplant and the global search began for an unrelated match donor. She was found as a wizard. That’s why he did it to her no matter what. “I got my transplant from a good game in the UK, which we nicknamed Mr. Potter,” said Ms McLean. It was a time when Mrs McLean’s relationship with her husband, Trevor, was at an all-time low. But when she found out that her leukemia was back, the problem was solved. When she was AML free again, the situation looked like her daisy. Even if my daughter Alicia wanted me to be a donor, I got a second thought at one stage. “The process was successful and the four-and-a-half-year battle was over. Get rid of some of the side effects.” There are some that I can’t shake and my lung capacity has been badly affected after the transplant, “she said. “We can’t determine what is causing it but I’m on preventive medicine, which is doing its job.” Ms. McLean is now on leave for 211 days and counting. The purpose of World Leukemia Day is to help people with leukemia. For anyone who is almost beyond it, Rowena McLean is a living inspiration. “I hope my journey inspires people to go to hell for this disease,” she said. Read more: A man jailed for assaulting a friend on bail “Don’t let this get you down easily, fight for the person you love and for yourself.” I blamed myself for getting this disease. And it was my mistake to get sick. I thought it was a form of karma for the bad things I did. “Although no one asks for it and no one deserves it.” It is important to talk about all the injuries that can be caused by this disease. Rowena McLean was greatly supported by the Leukemia Foundation during her journey with leukemia. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with leukemia, contact the Leukemia Foundation on 1 1800 2020. For more information on leukemia, visit leukemia.org.au Did you know that Golburn Post is now offering breaking news alerts and a weekly email newsletter? Keep up to date with all local news: Sign up below.



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