Germany agrees 2.b billion package to revive Kovid-Hit culture sector

The German government 2. Its billion (£ 2.1 billion) package has been agreed to help the culture industry get back on its feet as the country slowly emerges from the third wave of the Kovid epidemic.

Finance Minister Olaf Schulz called the package “the largest cultural support program since the end of World War II.”

The Coronavirus Cultural Fund assures the organizers of the event that performances and concerts could not proceed as planned, as well as compensating for the loss of ticket sales due to low seats as a result of social distance rules.

Preliminary measures protect the events of more than 100 participants, that if the event had to be canceled from 1 July, the organizers would be fully compensated. Since the end of August, in anticipation of being able to increase the size of the programs, it goes to 2,000 participants.

In cases where at least 20% of the participants have to limit the number of participants, the government will purchase another ticket for up to 10,000 tickets per ticket and effectively purchase another ticket.

For major events, this year and next, there will also be an insurance policy to cover events that may need to be canceled if the virus goes out of control, for which € m 00m – of कुल 2.bbn – is secured. The limit is set at 8 m per event.

Measures, coming Germany Months after strict sanctions begin to open, on top of a million-euro Start again Culture The (New Beginning Culture) program was announced last year to cover events across the country.

“Life is starting again after a long winter of coronavirus,” Scholz said. Culture Minister Monica Grouter said the fund sent a signal to the cultural industry that its revival deserves the same effort as other branches.

She says: “A lot of people have felt during this time of crisis that we think of culture as a shared experience, as a bridge builder, as a mirror of our identity, as an invitation to doubt, to reflect and to discuss. The desire to enjoy culture is huge, in relation to the audience, but also among artists and creative people who want to be able to return to work in the end. ”

Olaf Zimmermann of the German Cultural Council, an umbrella organization for cultural bodies, has supported the campaign for the fund and welcomed the government’s decision, but said it had come a long way.

“After months of toening and froing, a decision has finally been made,” he said. “Cultural audiences and all cultural branches agree that the door to culture should be reopened as soon as possible. We are preparing ourselves in great depth for this ‘Day X’ and these funds help us a lot in this endeavor.”

What has become frustrating in the cultural sphere is that the government lacks clarity or perspective on when cinemas and theaters can reopen. Recently Social media campaigns Leading stage and screen actors, who largely mocked government restrictions, both backed the actors ’demand for a clearer response as well as clarification.

German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter made an emotional appeal on German television on Wednesday night. Politicians were urged to trust the artists for a safe and responsible return.

“The artists have been successfully silenced for 14 months,” she said. “We want politicians to trust us to hold responsible concerts. The people are hungry. We are ready to go ”

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