Fun new promo spot for Marvel’s LOKI

Oh, look! This is another promo location for Marvel’s Loki! The series premiere is fast approaching, with Marvel and Disney marketing kicking off in high gear. We’ve been seeing a lot of promos released over the past few weeks, and here’s yet another to add to the collection. Yes, it also shows some new footage.

Loki has been recruited in the story Owen WilsonKo Mobius, a middle managing agent at the Time Variation Authority, to help fix the mess he’s made by keeping the timeline in chaos.

Loki was picked up immediately after stealing the tesseract, he seems to have summoned himself before the Time Variety Authority, a bureaucratic organization outside of time and space, forced to answer for his crime against the timeline and given a choice: help to capture the reality or greater danger by removing the face. .

The series also stars Tom HIddleston, Gugu Mabtha-ra, Richard E. Grants, And Sofia Di Martino. Was directed by the series Kate Heron, And Michael Waldron Is the lead author. The series is set to premiere in June on.

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