From the author Joanna Hill quit starring as Hollywood fixer Sidney Korshak in the limited series – Geek Tyrant

Joanna Hill As described in the book by Dennis McDougall, the Hollywood fixers have signed on to star in the upcoming limited series following the story of Sidney Corsack and Lew Wasserman. The last mogul. William Monahan, Who won the Academy Award for Writing Departure, Is in the project to create a play area and customize the screenplay.

Hill will play the chorus, and the story will follow the following true story:

In the 1930s, artists freed themselves from film studio control by creating a modern talent agency, and then stretched both lines until the government selected him and Wasserman presented a talent representation. To provide a bridge between organized crime and Hollywood, Korshak, a well-known lawyer, built Wasserman’s empire.

Hill and his hardcore baby partners Matt Diane and Ali Goodwin will present with executive producers LBI / Extended Media and Mohan. Mark Canton (PowerUniverse) And Ellen Shapiro, CEO of Celebrends, will also be the executive producer. Author McDougall will also work as an executive producer. Additional resource material for the series includes unreported information from Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Jeff Garth.

The project will be purchased shortly, and we’ll let you know where it exists. Hill was very brilliant in his last limited series Crazy, So I’m excited to see him on this next project.

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