From Caesar to Watergate, the biggest lie in history

Spending this week exposing the lies and lies of our current Prime Minister, we need to forget that historically he is an amateur.

Deliberate lies and blatant lies, used as a legal means to achieve political ends, have been with us since the beginning of recorded history. Truth is never counted among the political virtues, and lies are always regarded as the proper tool in political transactions.

Hannah Arend, Lies in politics

As we dedicate most of the week Hard, systematic lies and lies Of Scott Morrison, it’s worth remembering that he’s historically an amateur – albeit a deeply enthusiastic and committed amateur. He has lies, as Bernard Kane pointed out earlier this week Unnecessary and inconsistent Often they look at serious policy matters. It is interesting to distinguish them from the biggest and most fruitful lies in history.

Julius Caesar

Caesar was elected as consul in 58 BC – after an election that was also corrupted by Roman standards. But he was in debt, probably facing action for his conduct, and he saw the collapse of his political alliance. So he took a step that went for struggling political leaders: he started the war. As Michael Kulikovsky writes London Review of Books:

He needed glory and he needed cash. The quick way to glory was beating the barbarians; He received cash for stealing their property and selling their bodies into slavery. And, for a long time, in the Roman way, he considered his strength necessary to defend the Roman state …

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It was all based on lies, and it leads to genocide. Kulikovsky continues:

At the risk of his political future, Caesar had all the reasons to quarrel with the Gaelic people, both friendly and hostile, to create dangers without Rome and to accuse the allies of Rome of treason. Or enslaved, because even with 10,000 troops under his command, he could only control such a vast territory by massacring those who were able to resist.

Although it is impossible to know the exact figures, it is estimated that millions of Gauls were killed in these wars.

Protocol of the Elders of Zion

While quoting “big lies” Often credited to Joseph Goebbels (“If you tell a big lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually believe it”) Almost certainly not, It is hardly news that the main origin of the Nazi party and their actions was based on obvious lies.

They had another lesson Protocol of the Elders of Zion – The act of forgery that sought to dominate the world of Jewish domination. Made some time in the mode of 20th Century, it was published worldwide (Henry Ford spent half a million copies in the United States). Despite being quickly exposed as a fraud Times London In the research of 1 21 21, some passages were taught to school children in Germany during the Nazi Party regime and it remains a popular base today. Conspiracy theories And anti-Semites To this day.

The Great Purge

Conservative historian Robert Conquest argues for the lie of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin Beyond Test the public facts and show the unknown disappearances, but in the “invention of the really existing society”.

For example, Purity of Late The 1930s were based on a comprehensive conspiracy theory, usually revolving around the “fifth columnist” or anti-government forces seeking to assassinate him. In fact it has been argued that the first incident used as an excuse for purity – was the assassination of Sergei Kirov – Arranged by Stalin himself.

Again, it is difficult to estimate the exact numbers, but it is estimated to be somewhere between 950,000 and 1.2 million people. died in purges.


1 Hard 22 Richard Nixon’s landslide victory in the US election points to a potentially complex problem; Even former Trump, lying does not lead to any real election result. It’s not like “Tricky Dickey” had the honor of being honest before breaking-in at the Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate Hotel on June 1, 1972.

However, denying any involvement or knowledge about the break-in is just the beginning. The giant conspiracy to represent Watergate – the bugging of political rivals, the use of state agencies such as the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service – as if they were party property – became clearer and clearer. On August 1, 197.4, the White House was released “Smoking gun” tapeRecorded June 1, 2012.

It found out that Nixon knew about the break-in, instructed the FBI not to investigate, and lied about it. This gave the Republicans confidence in the members of the Judiciary Committee who had done so before Voting against impeachment To switch your vote. Nixon resigned.

The invasion of Iraq

Georgia Wilkins and Bernard Kane have already touched The role of Australia In the most catastrophic of this decision. But no one in the “coalition of the willing” could escape justice.

Is there Enough evidence The then US President George W. Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheney deliberately lied about the development and evolution of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Bush claims Hussein had “huge stockpiles” of biological weapons, or that Chennai had a statement from a meeting between Mohammed Atta and Iraqi intelligence agents that he was not told by the CIA and FBI, and Many many others.

The statements of those in the decision-making room have since been emphasized, especially by former CIA officials.

Told two former agents Salon The agency’s chief of staff, George Tenet, briefed Bush Saddam had no WMDs a week after 11/11, but Bush dismissed it because he had decided to go to war. Wisdom was removed from National Intelligence Estimates for October 2002, Who said Iraq had received WMDs.

Fomer is one of the CIA’s deputy chief of staff, Michael Morrell, who has intelligence on Bush He also accepted the claim made by Cheney Hussein’s ability to acquire / restore nuclear weapons (apparently this was not the case) [his] Work “to correct the record when it may make a difference).

Of Chilkot check The facts presented by the intelligence agencies to British Prime Minister Tony Blair give a similar picture of the evidence.

This does not mean that the United States has denied that it was torturing Guantanamo Bay – arguing that the Geneva conference does not include terrorist suspects, which is always what you are. Show when You don’t torture anyone.

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