Flowman, Tig are disappointed with the AFL ban

According to Calton coach David Teg, suspended defender Lachi Ploman would go against the wishes of fans, teammates and coaches if he were to withdraw from the competition due to a two-game AFL ban.

Flowman’s suspension has been disrupted, starting with a collision with Hudern’s Jagger O’Myara.

Ploman is on his knees and will always be forced out for Sunday’s clash with Sydney at the ACCG, where Jack Martin will return from a knee injury and play his first game twice.

Plowman is also not certain of a fit pass for next week’s clash with the West Coast.

But the theory still worries Tigu, who announced to the Blues on Friday that “there was a really tough fight because we thought it was in the spirit of the game.”

“He said he went to loot and he said he chose to collide. We have supported our players, we believe it is a loot,” Thaley said.

“We understand the importance of protecting the head but when you play a contact game, we think that sometimes accidental contact can happen.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“I don’t think Lachi had any idea (to hurt O’Mara). He would have cut the road to the side and really hit if it was his intention.”

“I feel for the players. Imagine if he pulls out and gets 2,000 messages on social media, his teammates are disappointed and as a coach we can expect that to be a competition.

“That’s how fans go into the game, those big competitions.”

Tag said he would not change the way players attack the same competition in this game.

“Play easily,” he said.

“I’m encouraging our players to play hard but make sure the ball is a priority. It’s something I think this team does well.

“Now always with a clear change in interpretation, we can lose every player through suspension.”

Tug admitted that Pooman was also “disappointed” about the ban.

“He knows he went out to loot,” he said.

“He is a proud team player.

“He thinks he’s unavailable for two weeks and gave the team down but we don’t see that.”

Taug, whose side left Melbourne immediately and ahead of schedule due to the city’s COVID-1 brew outbreak, praised him for optimizing the “really good”.


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