Fake baby Samantha Azopardi jailed for two years for stealing three children

Samantha Azopardi, 322, was hired by her parents who were not a worthy couple, but in fact she was a career woman.

In 201 In, Azzopardi walked around the regional Victorian town of Bendigo in a school uniform, pretending to be a 1g year pregnant student.

She had a 10-month-old baby on her chest, but the baby was not hers, nor was she a four-year-old girl behind her.

A file photo of Samantha Azzopardi.  (AAP)
Samantha Azopardi could have been released from prison in a few days. (AAP)

She had promised to take the girl on a picnic, but the sister stole from her parents after convincing the Frenchman that she was a worthy child.

A homeless woman has been jailed today for child abduction and other crimes that magistrates described as “bizarre.”

In February 2019, she claims to be a modeling talent scout named Marley.

He betrayed the family to let his daughter fly to Sydney. During the trip, Ajjopardi asked the girl to go into the center and write on a piece of paper, “She is seeing ghosts.”

Last year, Azopardi pretended to be a wealthy American teenager named Harper Hernandez.

Samantha Azopardi was seen on CCTV with a child in her care before she was arrested.
Samantha Azopardi was seen on CCTV with a child in her care before she was arrested. (N News)

She recruits Australian basketball player Tom Jervis as an age couple, before stealing Jervis’ wife’s driver’s license and iPad.

Azopardi did not have the abusive financial motivation of finding a “deeply disturbed woman” instead of a psychiatrist who made a new identity to escape her own traumatic childhood.

The fake nanny did not physically injure any of the victims. But their parents are shocked by Azzopardi’s betrayal.

Ajjopardi was sentenced to two years in prison, but after she has already spent so much time in custody, she can immediately apply to the parole board for immediate release to the community.

Without proper mental health treatment, the risk of relapse is considered high.

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