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The events of the past year have only served to increase interest in robotics and automation in everything. This is a phenomenon that we have seen in a wide range of categories, and motor vehicles are certainly no different.

Of course, car manufacturers are no strangers to the world of robotics. Automation has long played a key role in manufacturing, and more recently robotics has played another central role as self-driving vehicles. For this panel, we look at the most discussed categories. Of late, car manufacturers are investing heavily in the category for more fuel innovation.

It’s a fun place – and one that covers a wide range of cross-sections, from TRI’s (Toyota) Weaving City project to Ford’s recent acquisition of Hyundai’s concept cars at the U of M and Boston Dynamics’ research facility. In TC Sessions: Mobility On June 9, we will be joined by a trio of experts from those companies for a lively discussion on the topics.

Max Bajracharya He is the Vice President of Robotics at the Toyota Research Institute. Prior to this he served as the Director of Robotics, leading the work of TRI in Robotics. He previously served on Alphabet X as part of the Google Robotics team.

Mario Santillo Is a technical specialist at Ford. He has previously served as a research engineer for the company, and has been accused of helping lead the company’s efforts with a $ 10 million research facility at the recently announced University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. At work, Ford shares partnerships with startups, both of which have their own robotics work, as well as agility.

Ernestine Fu Hyundai is a director at Motor Group. She leads the development at the newly announced New Horizon Studios, a group tasked with creating the ultimate mobility vehicle (UMV). She also works as an assistant professor at Stanford University, where she received her BS, MS, MBA and PhD.

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