Erica Zayne on Medical Records Fair Sports Court after Tom Owner was admitted to RHOBH as Tom Lillion Million

Erica JayneIn the starring role The real housewife of Beverly Hills May come back to bite him.

The artist was performed a week later Premier Episode 11 Seasons, Lawyer Ronald Richards By admitting to using an antidepressant at the event, he confirmed that his psychiatrist had waived the patient’s rights.

“Early privilege remarks about the first episode: there was a complete waiver of the psychiatric patient privilege and there was acknowledged being under the influence of Lexapro,” Tweet On May 2. “This is one of the many admissions offered so far. Coming soon”

In response to Ronald’s post on Twitter, a woman sought to clarify that Erica’s medical records were now able to be discussed in open court.

“Yes, when we talk about them on TV, yes,” he confirmed.

RHOBH Erica Jayne forgave her psychiatrist patient privilege RHOBH

During the premiere episode, Erica admitted that she lost herself in the middle of a coronavirus epidemic.

“I could not shake it. I was feeling this incredible fear. Who am I if I’m not working? “Every day I wake up and get up. So I called a psychiatrist and I went to Lexapro.”

Erica then told her castmates that the antidepressant was “the biggest thing.”

On Twitter this week, Ronald responded to another person who wanted to know how many there were Thomas Girardi And his Law firm, Girardi Keese, were Filing issue.

“More than a million,” Ronald said The answer.

RHOBH Thomas Girardi is running the case for more than 40 million

In addition to millions To former customersThomas has also been charged Millions more He had borrowed from creditors and other lenders in recent years but failed to repay.

Prior to the show’s premiere, it was reported that investigators would keep tabs nearby on what Erica says and what she does in her efforts at the show. Submit proof He and against her Now unfamiliar husband.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 11 It airs on Wednesdays in Bravo.

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