Docker expands its reliable container offerings

We all use container-based images to build applications, but can you trust them? Docker’s expansion of its trusted content offering, the Docker Certified Publisher program, makes it easy.

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Hands, how much you build yourself ContainerBased applications? Be honest! Very few do the truth. It’s so much easier to hold pre-made bits and pieces that a special sauce hangs on top of your app. Unfortunately, all of those ready-made image images often have security flaws. Why is that Ducker Software has expanded and improved its reliable content offerings Developers With the launch of the Docker Certified Publishers program.

If, like most people you’re taking container images of, the Willie-Nelly single docker hub pulls 1 billion images per month from nearly 1 million billion developers with nearly a million million stores.

Now, how many of these images seem to be up-to-date with the security patches of your content? How many are configured? How many are just bad? I tell you, many of them.

Do you know what’s worse? Some of them have been infected with malware Come on in, take a look. Does it give you a warm, vague, safe feeling about taking pictures for the product?

Other companies realized that there was a real need for reliable containerized images. Bitnami, now part of VMware, opened this field. Docker, who blew up his container engine and control aircraft Mirantis One of the most popular services for finding and sharing container images in 201 is focusing on improving and securing its Docker Hub.

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Thank you SolarWinds software chain security fiasco, We all got stuck in our noses at the importance of knowing what was really going on in our code. This updated docker approach reduces the risk of malicious content while you create the app. Using reliable content at each stage ensures that applications are secure and minimizes the time and money spent on resolving security issues.

What Docker Certified Publishers brings to the table is the version of Docker Hub that provides access to different and reliable Docker content. These are app images that you can use as a reliable building block for your applications.

The program has more than 200 companies and is growing rapidly. Datadog, Red Hat, and VMware are the last three software publishers to join. These include popular developer components from Bitnama and VMware’s Spree software, Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) and Canonical Ubuntu.

In addition to being a trusted content distributor for other independent software vendors, Docker also announced the availability of Docker official images from public and private registrars. Amazon Web Services And Mirantis.

In addition to being able to download these trusted images to your own servers and private clouds, you will be able to download these images from many registries including Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public Gallery and Mirantis Secure Registry.

“We are thrilled to make the Docker Certified Publisher program available to more publishers and to other developers to announce the distribution of Doctor Official Images through more registrars,” said Docker CEO Scott Johnston. “This broadly expands the option of supplementing Docker official images for developers and strengthens the Docker platform and Docker Hub as the de Stoke standard for reliable, secure container images.”

Michael Gerstenhuber, Senior Director of Product Manager at Datadog, said, “More than half of the added applications run on container-based infrastructure, and the Docker Hub is the primary source for container images, which is important based on our published studies. ” A source for our photos, and we’re excited to be recognized as a Docker Certified Publisher. You can find any datadog image to safely monitor the performance of your infrastructure and applications. ”

Sounds like you want to move to safer components for your programs, right? And, if you want to join the Docker Certified Publishers program, you can. Given Docker’s popularity, it could be a very smart move for ISVs.

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