Despite an appeal board call, the Blues coach backed Flowman

Carlton coach David Tig is disappointed the club could not overturn the two-game suspension of Laki Ploman for rude behavior on the AFL’s appeal board.

The defender was banned by the MRO for a confrontation with Jagger O’Myara that led to a fight with Star Hawk.

The Blues argued that Ploman was trying to break the ball, but the panel announced that he had chosen to take a split-second decision.

Tieg still believes that his player’s actions were not a reporting crime.

“He said he went to loot and he said he bumped. We have supported our players, we believe it is an asset,” Thaley told reporters Friday.

“We understand the importance of protecting the head but when you play a contact game, we think that sometimes accidental contact can happen.

“It was frustrating. I don’t think Lachi had any (malicious) intentions. He would have opened the way and really he would have pledged his allegiance if that was his intention.”

“I feel for the players. Imagine if he pulls out and gets 2,000 messages on social media, his teammates are disappointed and as a coach we can expect that to be a competition.

“That’s how fans go into the game, those big competitions.”

Plowman Jay Hos lost the game against Sydney with a minor bone injury.

Thaig said his advice to his players was also unchangeable.

“Play easily,” he said.

“I’m encouraging our players to play hard but make sure the ball is a priority. It’s something I think this team does well.

“Now with a clear change in interpretation every time, we can lose one player each and again through suspension.

“(Hello) I know he went out to loot.”

Carlton have withdrawn Jack Martin ahead of the clash with Hans and are alone with Ploman at this stage.


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