Dees flexes his power table to show off

Melbourne has planted its flag as a benchmark of competition, seeing Western bulldogs in casual fashion.

Damen dominated from the start to end in a victory and saw his opponents at the top.

Given the circumstances, it is difficult to know how much will be taken out of the game, but Melbourne will take four important points.

From tonight is the clear takeaway, no matter the code, nothing sports without fans in attendance – even a top-of-the-table struggle.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Variation: Bulldogs open backline

The Bulldog’s backline feels like a chink in all weapons, it’s not consistently exposed just because of midfield dominance.

With Easton Wood backing down and Josh Dunkley and Adam Trailer in the middle, the demons were able to put pressure on the armed defenders.

Speed ​​on the ball, especially after the dog’s handball game, to score and especially Bayley Fritsch took full advantage.

On the other hand, Melbourne’s tough backline remained strong and the Bulldogs were not allowed to sit together.

Talking point: How do we judge this game in an empty stadium?

This should be taken as the struggle that defines the first half of the season and instead it is a hot game in an empty building.

We have seen many times in these games, one team picks up speed and kicks the goal, the other can’t catch that speed without the energy coming from the crowd and then the rhythm is found from the game there.

Damen ended up taking an early lead and starting from the bullpen. At some point the dogs didn’t seem to be able to win it, but what was the distance between those two teams and what was it due to the situation?

They meet again this year and hopefully we get more clarification.

“This team is a favorite of the Premiership right now,” said Gerard Haley AFL Nation After the game

What now

Who knows The changing landscape of COVID-1 ever makes it impossible to predict how the state will respond. Both teams are scheduled to play outside Victoria next week.

Melbourne is set to host Brisbane on Friday night at Alice Springs. No one is guessing that that plan will go ahead.

The Bulldogs, meanwhile, travel to Perth on Sunday in Fremont. Chris explained the grant AFL Nation In the pre-game the dogs are still planning for the game.

Full score

Western Bulldogs: 2.2, .5..5, 8.8, .1.11. ()))

Melbourne: .5 .., .6 ..6, 12..8, 1.9 … () 87)


Western Bulldogs: Bruce, English 2, Nhton, Wetman, Daniel

Melbourne: Fritsch, McDonald’s, Wedman 2, Gain, Pickett, Hermes, Jordan, Petraca


Western Bulldogs: McRae, Daniel, Hunter, Bruce, Bontempelli

Melbourne: Oliver, Petraca, Gain, Fritz, Hermes, May, Spargo, Brescho, Lay Langdon.


Western Bulldogs: Garcia (head knock)

Melbourne: Zero

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