Dees closed the conversation after defeating the dogs

Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin said he would not address the growing hype surrounding his team when he topped the AFL halfway through the season.

In a top-of-the-line fight on Friday night, the monsters were relentless in breaking the Western Bulldogs’ 28-point to confirm their premiership verification.

Outside discussions in the coming days will focus on the bid to end the 57-year-old flag on the disco, but Goodwin said it is far from the minds of his players.

“It’s been a sensation in terms of the group just resetting and behaving every week,” he says.

(Photo by Michael Dodge / Getty Images)

“I know from the point of view of the supporters this is brilliant what the boys are doing and I’m sure our supporters are incredibly excited, and so they should be.

“But we’ve improved so much that in the second half of the year we want to be a team that wants to be what we want to be and it’s really important to implement.

“It’s our only focus – to reset each week and make sure we keep improving as the year progresses.”

They were forced to pass the COVID-1 testing test within 48 hours of the green light game on Friday morning, and Melbell defeated the Bulldogs.

The entire league faces more uncertainty around the table as Victoria struggles with its recent coronavirus outbreak.

Damen is scheduled to play Alice Springs in Brisbane next Friday night, but that stability is likely to be rescheduled.

“There seems to be a lot of uncertainty around,” Goodwin said.

“We all live here in Victoria and pray that we come to the top of COVID and we can hold this thing inside, but from a broken point of view we don’t know and we’re fine in that place.

“We will deal with anything that comes our way and we will just move forward and prepare as best we can.”

Goodwin confirmed that Melbourne Wingman Ed Ed Ladgden would miss at least one game because the Bulldogs had delayed the win.

Layland will be in service for at least 12 days and may return to the Queen’s birthday fight with Kaliswood.

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