Day 2: Why Amazon’s Union War Is Not Over Yet; And now we know the end of Prime

An Amazon fulfillment center. (GeekWire file photo)

Wait, won’t Amazon win its battle with Bessemer, Alama Union? Yes, the vote came out in favor of the company but the story is not over yet.

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Unions are appealing the results to the National Labor Relations Board, What this points to was unjust tactics At the time of voting by Amazon – which the company strongly denies.

THe said the NRLB hosted a virtual hearing that wrapped up several days earlier this week. It is expected that a decision will be taken in a week for at least a new vote with the possibility.

And yes, that’s one of the central points of contention A mailbox

In this part of Day 2, GeekWire’s podcast about Amazon, we’ve joined Anne Palmer, A journalist who writes for Amazon and e-commerce CNBC, covering the NLRB hearing. Joining us is the co-author of our podcast contributor, Jason Boyce “Amazon Jungle,” And founder and CEO Avenue7Media, An agency that works with third-party retailers on Amazon.

We also talk about Amazon Its prime now decides to integrate fast delivery service In its main e-commerce website and application. Finally, we monitor Amazon’s case Cracking into big third-party retailers On the issue of fake reviews, and An idea about those cases in New York times that Jason’s faith was in the wrong direction.

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