Coronavirus Pensacola Christian College – coronavirus outbreak map

Coronavirus Penskola Christian College

Coronavirus Penskola Christian College

Concerns have been raised nationwide about the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and how it could affect our lives. Naturally PCC students and their parents are also concerned. USA, LLC

We got a call from a parent yesterday and they heard that they were running an issue on campus. To be clear: COVID-19 has not been predicted or confirmed in our PCC community. Anyway, this is a very serious condition, and the health and safety of our students is our first priority.

Each school and each state is inclined to determine the best course of action. Some states have advised that schools continue to meet normally; Others have given different advice. You may have heard in the news that Florida’s state universities have been shifting to online education for some time, urging students not to return to campus until two weeks after the spring break. Those schools would only need faculty, staff, and student workers on campus. This is because students are traveling and universities want to avoid the risk of bringing patients back to campus after a spring break. The two weeks provide the necessary time to find out if someone is infected, so students at those 12 universities will have to find them elsewhere and get their instructions online.

At PCC, our Easter break doesn’t happen until April, so there’s no need to take that kind of step.

Coronavirus Penskola Christian College

Coronavirus Pensacola Christian College Here we are doing.
According to the executive order in Florida, schools and colleges (not part of the university system) must work with their local county health departments to establish protocols. We have done that and are working directly with the Isabemia County Department of Health. Our county director, Dr. John Lanza told us yesterday that he no longer advises us to turn off or remove facial expressions.

Presumably the advice is based on the fact that there is no community transmission of COVID-19 in Florida, according to the Florida Surgeon General. As of this morning, there were 311 total incidents in the state of Florida, and 2 deaths.

A memo with Florida College presidents yesterday noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ruled that Florida’s student population is at low risk. In Florida at this time, there is no limit to large group gatherings, and the school system and college system are still meeting.

Coronavirus Penskola Christian College

President Schumacher has consulted with the PCC’s board of directors and the response task force. For now, we will continue on our schedule with due diligence. We will advise that the situation should change.

If it doesn’t make sense for a student to travel to and from campus, then it doesn’t make sense for a large group of guests to travel to campus. So, with caution, all guest events for the next two weeks were canceled March 1 18-20 college days and the Pastors Advisory Panel.

Students have invested heavily in their education this year; And are concerned about how to finish academically. Some students are eager to finish so they can graduate this year! In any case, we are committed to fulfilling our educational promise. Our entire faculty was asked to finalize the preparation of an alternative distribution of instructions. If we are unable to meet face-to-face at any time, we will provide online instruction and pricing with each student so that they can complete their investment.

Coronavirus We are committed to the safety and well-being of students, the continuity of educators and each student individually. For example, if the situation keeps sending everyone off campus, there are many students who have no place and we want to help them too. Even if we change the permission modes, the campus will remain open for help.

Our direction is likely to change. Easter break is not until April, so now and then we will consider the best options related to Easter break. There may be future implications at the graduation ceremony.

Coronavirus Penskola Christian College

For now, we will continue to practice prevention and mechanization. We have increased cleaning and disinfection (and urges students to do the same in their classrooms), covering the cough, maintaining awareness and encouraging students not to go to class if they are sick.

We’re taking this day at a time and constantly re-evaluating, trying to figure out what’s best for our students, and continuing to provide updates as changes come.

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