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At a White House news conference Saturday, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hann were unable to say how many Americans were tested for the novel coronavirus. The two officials only received data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Public Health Laboratory, and the CDC has so far tested 1,58,383 people, and the CDC and the Public Health Laboratories have jointly tested 5,8611. By comparison, South Korea reports testing 10,000 people per day.

“At the moment, the risk is lower for most Americans than from Covid 1, but the risk may be higher for certain individuals and for those traveling to the affected area,” the patient said. “Most Americans don’t need to change their daily lives at this time, but they need to be vigilant and practice good hygiene.”

By this weekend, all confirmed U.S. coronavirus deaths had occurred in Washington State and California, but that changed after the Florida Department of Health confirmed the deaths of two people. Officers Said Both patients were senior citizens and had traveled internationally.

A patient in Santa Rosa County had previously been diagnosed with the virus. Another, in Lee County, tested positive only after death, Accordingly San Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

As of Saturday, more than 2,270 people were being monitored in Florida and 800 test results were pending.

On Saturday there were growing signs that U.S. companies and institutions were looking to themselves for long and painful interruptions to their work. Amtrak announced that it was canceling its non-stop Acela service from Washington to New York until May 26. Stanford University moved all its classes online for the winter quarters. Salesforce, San Francisco’s largest private employer, instructed its California workers to consider working remotely for the month of March.

Overseas, the first U.S. service member in Europe – a naval sailor based in Naples has compressed the coronavirus novel, the U.S. military’s European Command said Saturday. On a Nile cruise, U.S. citizens tested positive for the virus and are being held in Egypt. Among them was Matt Sweather, editor of Tech Radar in New York, who said he and three other Americans had been taken to hospital on an Egyptian military plane. American tourists are quarantined at a West Bank hotel.

Coronavirus CPAC

There has been a dramatic increase in new cases, especially in its Lombardy region, where Italy had to dramatically expand its impetus area to include a wider northern region.

According to local media, the change would be the most serious step in a coronavirus outbreak anywhere outside China.

These measures, at least temporarily, lock the northern part of the country, allowing people to enter or leave Lombardy and the 11 northern provinces only for emergencies. Such changes would cut daily high-speed rail links between Milan and Rome; Bring a complete stop to Venice tourism; And inevitably bring the economic heartland of Italy to a standstill.

In China, meanwhile, a hotel used to quarantine anyone suspected of carrying the virus has trapped about 700 people, according to the official state-run People’s Daily newspaper. Many were later rescued.

“It’s a dynamic and constantly evolving situation – not just every day but hour-by-hour,” Han said. “So I also know that there may be confusion around diagnostic testing for this and other reasons.”

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