CIO Think Tank Roadmap Report: Re-planning IT

In March and April 2021, the CIO organized a series of CIO think tank discussions – a virtual roundtable that brought together IT 36 IT leaders today to unpack the most important issues of the enterprise: IT renewal.

These discussions were aimed at identifying key issues in the restoration of IT, meeting today’s rapidly evolving business needs, and proposing a roadmap for leadership to overcome practical barriers to IT leadership. The roundtables were facilitated by John Gallant, Director of Enterprise Consulting for IDG, as well as IDC Research Director Joe Pusierreli, Group VP and IT Executive Advisor, IDC; IDG B2B Editor-in-Chief Eric Knorr; And BMC Software Chief Technical Officer Ram Chakraborty.

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Participants – IT leaders from a broad swat of commerce industry, universities, and government agencies of all sizes – draw on their own experience and knowledge to describe strategic and strategic approaches to key challenges. How can IT overcome old habits and technical overhauls, redesign the workforce, and reshape its own mandate?

The need for these questions has only increased in the wake of the global epidemic. IT not only needs to resume business in general, but also help businesses quickly in the new environment.

Epidemic challenges have taken different forms in various industries, with many organizations around the world facing significant headwinds over the past year. For example, the Global IDC Wave Survey, a survey of 967 respondents in September 2020, found that 60% of experienced responders failed a supply chain plan and predicted failure after an initial epidemic.

According to participants in our CIO think tank, as companies try to recover from the effects of the epidemic, IT leaders are taking more responsibility for driving growth and profits. This is to get the “all hands on deck” organizations back into recovery and development mode.

Download our CIO Think Tank Roadmap To learn how different organizations are identifying barriers, highlighting innovative approaches, and challenging the tech industry to help navigate the road ahead.

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