Children between the ages of 12 and 16 can get the Kovid Pfizer vaccine in June in Germany

German children under the age of 12 will be eligible for Covid1 inoculation from next month, the government said, in a projection that European regulators will formally approve the Pfizer / Biotech vaccine, which is currently available to 116. And more

Angela Merkel said after a lengthy “vaccination summit” with the leaders of the 1116 Landers on Thursday night that every German citizen would be vaccinated by September 21 and “including those aged 12 to 16” Can try to find.

Health Minister Jens Spann has recommended that the vaccine be given only after close consultation between parents, their children and the GP. Merkel emphasized that the reopening of the school for general surgery during the autumn period did not depend on whether the children had been vaccinated or not.

However, Sticko, along with the German Immunization Commission, is believed to be far from deciding whether to approve the EMA unless it complies with the rules, and there is strong controversy over whether there is an adequate supply of vaccines. .

Stick’s chairman, Thomas Mertens, said it would take at least two weeks for his commission to announce its position, although it was not expected to issue a general recommendation, but would recommend vaccinating children, especially those with asthma. .

The commission has expressed concern that not enough data has been collected and that the test group is too small. The Martens have recommended that if the immunization of children in Germany is to proceed, it should be done only in the practice of a doctor, where personal consultation can be taken, rather than in schools or immunization centers.

Pfizer / Biotech is the only vaccine suitable for children in Germany. One thousand children were vaccinated after the results of the acceptance study, and another thousand were given placebo. It provided them with 100% protection and was well tolerated.

In the United States, children between the ages of 10 and 12 are authorized to use the vaccine

And has already been given to thousands of children in Israel.

German G.P. The association has expressed concern that there is a risk of a vaccination debate in Germany to give children more freedom as the virus declines.

The head of the organization, Ulrich Wegelt, told the Riniche Post: “There is certainly more potential than immediate vaccination to give children more freedom … Children can be vaccinated or judged only on medical and scientific grounds. From the point of view, not political. ”

Florian Hoffmann, secretary general of the German Association of Intensive Care Physicians, said children with coronavirus were often asymptomatic or had only mild symptoms with a lack of vaccine supplies, so it was imperative that they be vaccinated.

“Adults need to be given higher priority because they are at higher risk of developing a serious course of the virus that will cause them to appear in intensive care.”

Heinz-Peter Medinger of the teachers’ union said he believes few parents are likely to vaccinate their children without Steco’s official recommendation, but Social Democrat health expert Carl Lotterbach criticized parents for having to shoulder the burden. It is their responsibility to ensure that their children are vaccinated.

“If the sticker is not ready to determine where it stands, it is up to the parents, children and doctors to make that decision on their own. They should send at least one signal,” he said.

Debating that this man is heavily dominated in this debate, Elena Bykes, head of the German Council of Ethics, stands out to clearly define her position as a doctor and guardian.

“Based on both data and experience, I will immediately vaccinate my children,” she told Die Jet. “Long-term side effects, we know, are the most unlikely. If there were serious side effects, they would come to light in the study phase.”

During the Vaccination Summit on Thursday, Merkel said children between the ages of zero and 12 would also be eligible for the vaccine, but “not until the end of this year or the beginning of the next.”

Pfizer / Biotech said last month it was in the process of testing the vaccine on infants and children between the ages of six months and 11 years.

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