Change the name to ‘Franking Credits’ to encourage AstraZeneca jobs among the elderly

Today, more than 100 vaccination centers across the country are occupied by AstraZeneca JAB after it was dubbed ‘Franking Credit Injection’.

Officials changed this after realizing the elderly person would be less hesitant to get vaccinated against the virus if they thought they could get a tax benefit and kill them.

Jane Millison, 74, who was originally waiting for the Pfizer vaccine, said she landed directly on a Range Rover and heard she might be missing out on clear credit.

“I am just angry that I was not told this so quickly. For months I was out and in the community, at the risk of losing free government money, and no one told me. “

She said she is comfortable with the risks involved. “Look, I know that Free King’s credit is likely to keep billions of dollars of government money away from things like housing and education, but I want to take that risk.”

She said she would return for her second shot as soon as possible.

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