Cha Chadha condemns Randeep Hooda for his ‘ethnic and insensitive’ jokes

President Sridhar, 2 May 2021

Cha Chadha and Randeep Hooda (Source: Instagram | @herichachadha, Randeep Hooda)

When you are a public figure in the age of the internet, you are never free from scrutiny and called out – even if it is about what you said years ago. A clip of the actor Randeep Hooda In 2012, the ‘racist’ joke resurfaced online and put the actor in the pickle – removing him as ambassador to a UN convention, removing his friend and actress. Richa Chadha Blame him for his ‘stupid’ jokes.

The short clip was from an event hosted by a media house. Sharing the same, Twitter Users tagged Richa, like other actresses Tapasi Pannu, Swara Bhaskar And In Konkona Senshma. In the tweet, Richa asked if he had condemned such remarks. Mary answered, and she said, “It’s a disgusting ‘joke’. It’s cross, tasteless and sexist.”

Adding to this, she captured the fact that the tweet only tagged women and questioned them:

Yes It is also ethnic. Also, plz explain the reason you only continue to apologize to women for your male colleagues when you pontificate in sexism. I can’t hold my breath.

Post this video re-surfing online Migratory Species of Wildlife (CMS), United Nations Convention for the Protection of the Environmental Convention, Removed Randeep as their ambassador. A statement on the CMS website said that the organization felt that Randeep had made comments ‘Offensive’ And “The CMS does not reflect the value of the Secretariat or the United Nations.”

Randeep was last seen Salman Khan‘s film, Radhe: Your most wanted brother, Where he plays the opponent. In the midst of the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, he was actively sharing resources and helping people.

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