CBD for Health: Dr. An interview with Jim Collins, PhD.

Ever since I wrote the article How hemp products can improve your life, I’m having a lot of conversations with doctors and interested people about CBD. One of those doctors, Dr. Jim Collins, Ph.D. If that name sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard of his company, Collins Learning.

Dr. Jim Collins He is a gerontologist and a nationally recognized expert in health and health care for seniors and older Americans. In his 300-year career, Dr. Collins has always had a focus on education.

Both as an eminent author of published articles and as the founder of Collins Larnie of, a highly respected education service that provides training to senior care health professionals across the country.

Dr. Colin’s desire for a healthy old age began with frequent visits to the residents and staff of the Assumption Nursing Home at High School. This is where his mother worked.

He graduated from a college with a first-degree degree in Applied Gerontological Studies, a major in construction, and a master’s degree in sociology and psychology of aging, and a doctorate in health administration.

After his doctorate, he established gerontology practice and began education counseling on what would happen to hundreds of senior living communities.

Dr. Collins has written numerous articles, newsletters, and the first book on person-centered care for seniors. “People-centered approach: long-term care is revolutionizing the quality of life”.

Now Dr. Collins has added a new journey to his path and he is here to tell us a little bit about it in this interview.

Dr. Welcome Jim Collins, can you tell us a little bit about yourself first?

I live in Ohio with my family. I am a Gerontologist with over 0 years of experience. More importantly, though, I consider myself a teacher of healthy old age. I enjoy writing, researching, and speaking at health professional trainings and events.

My passion is helping people of all ages to live and experience the process of aging in the most healthy and emotionally fulfilling way possible. I think education is important.

It’s probably a little weird that I

  • In high school, I realized that this was my feeling
  • I was able to create my own college major
  • Achieved first-degree in Applied Gerontological Studies, before earning my Master’s and PhD.

Stacy: But a little more impressive if I could say it myself!

How do you spend most of your time?

I love exploring and writing articles related to the aging process, as well as speaking at tours and trainings and conferences across the country, especially health professionals who work with active seniors and older Americans.

Additionally, I’m very busy running Sapphire Essentials. In my spare time, I enjoy living with my family, my wife Annabelle, daughter Karina and our dog Buddy.

I also like to play the electric guitar (I’m on a vintage guitar and maybe I can talk to you about my guitar collection) and have fun learning about alcohol. Two years ago I became the court of the Masters Sommeiler and continued to study and enjoy wine from all over the world.

What motivated you to make sapphires mandatory?

A few years ago I started studying publications related to the many health benefits of CBD and its important relationship with our endocannabinoid system. After researching articles and studies reviewed by more than Er00 colleagues, I became convinced of the power of CBD not only for normal healthy aging but also for relieving a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.

There were already CBD brands on the market, which I saw many marketing companies selling products without focusing on reliable science. I set up Sapphire Essentials because I want to provide consumers with high quality and affordable CBD ingredients and formulas, backed by 100% THC-free and third party testing. I also realized that providing CBD formulas created by a health professional and recommended by other health practitioners would make a difference in earning the trust of consumers.

What makes you a high quality CBD? Based on how pure it is? What do you think about it?

It starts from the hemp plant, the source of the CBD active ingredient. Both resources and farming are really important. Our starting cannabis is 100% organic grown only on Colorado USA farms.

It is a hemp-owned strain that is particularly rich in a wide range of phyto cannabinoids, including CBD. Then it is important to prepare enough pure CBD with the appropriate type.

All sapphire essential formulas feature Broad Spectrum CBD which is 100% THC-free (compound in hemp) responsible for high emotion). Finally, additions and THC-free claims must be substantiatedrd Party analytical results.

We sharerd Our website thinks the party test results for each formula and it is important to earn the trust of our customers.

How did the sapphire necessity begin? What helped develop your first product?

As mentioned, it really started after spending many years researching its benefits CBD Related to the aging process. I became passionate about the component of human history and its incredible story (for example, steam was a popular crop for nutrition and other uses in American colonial times, and many of our founding fathers grew it on their farms!).

I started looking at CBD component resources and products on the market and came to believe that I could create excellent and unique combinations in education focused brands. We started with CBD Oil, And based on our proprietary hemp strain and formulation technology, we realized that we could provide consumers with more organic available edible oils that were especially rich in phytocannabinoids. CBD.

What makes Sapphire unique from other CBD companies in the essential market?

We want to highlight the many main points that make us Unique, Which I have listed here:

  • All sapphire essentials are made from the use of proprietary and organically grown hemp plants.
  • We use a wide spectrum CBD Only
  • Our formulas are 100% THC-free
  • We have a complementary micro-emulsion process that increases the formula-dependent bioavailability -5–5X
  • 100% United States grew, created, and built
  • We never test our ingredients on animals
  • We have been recommended by many health workers

Sapphires are very popular in the essential market. Can you tell us why they are so popular and why so many people buy them?

We believe that people actually respond to our formulas and brands because of the quality, the results, their experience, and our focus on education and belief. When you start with the best quality content and build with integrity, I believe people will reap huge benefits and come back to you.

I am an educator and teaching consumers about the power of CBD will always be a big part of the Sapphire Essential Mission. And we are proud that so many health practitioners have experienced and supported us.

I believe that sharing our test results with all three parties helps us to know what is happening in our formulas in order to ensure our transparency and customer confidence.

How can CBD products for pets improve their quality of life?

There are recent and emerging published research on the benefits of CBD for pets. Some research has focused on the emotional benefits, especially showing that CBD can help pets who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and in some cases with past PTSD related abuse or neglected owners.

Other research has focused on the benefits for physical and aging conditions, as well as assistance in relieving joint and muscle pain. So many of the same issues we deal with people!

Is there a special reason for CBD to be included in cooling gel products? Does it help reduce or eliminate pain?

Yes, of course! CBD when applied topically can actually help relieve muscle and joint aches and pains.

Is there a sapphire essential or something better that no other company has done?

I think where we really stand out from all the other CBD brands on the market, our focus is on science, the first component is Internet sourcing and our strong focus on formulation and education.

Even if consumers do not make the mandatory choice of sapphires, I encourage them to look carefully at who is behind the brand and the responsibility of making their products. Do they have credentials and whether they have received proper training are important questions!

I think our involvement with a wide range of health professionals really sets us apart. I work really closely with Lane Wisniewski MD, Sapphire Essential Medical and Scientific Consultant. Dr. Visneki is a nationally recognized expert on the benefits of CBD and an important voice in what we do.

Are you currently planning or expanding your product line in 2021? What can we expect in the future?

We are always looking for new formulation technologies, and in general, I just want to create products that will be truly unique and highly profitable. I want many brands to follow others and go for the latest product trends, and I don’t want to do that.

Later for 2021 we are considering expanding our topical lines in areas where CBD in combination with other active can provide some unique and synergistic youthful skin restoration benefits. Stay tuned!

Your new book in the middle of April 2021 Alive is now stronger with CBD Ongoing! Tell us

Writing this book is incredibly important to me and I’m excited to share it! I have written this book after researching more than 100 published articles and studies that collectively demonstrate the wide range of physical, emotional and neurological benefits that CBD provides.

I tried to put all that research into a definite guide for consumers. I’ve also included a summary of the history of hemp and CBD use, which I enjoy. The book is really a go-to guide for anyone who wants to know more about CBD and its potential to heal the body and mind.

Do you have a website that people can visit?

Yes, this is for our brand www.sapphire-essentials.com. There is a website for anyone interested in learning more about my book https://www.livinglongerandstrongerwithcbd.com. Please check us out!

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