Big brother has no eyes

A dose of reality: neither Masterchef nor Big Brother made much of a dent in last night’s ratings.

Big Brother (Image: Facebook)

Main cook Failed to dent last night, and saw no protest Big brother. The cooking program drew to 722 The, 000, but lost the NRL game (Melbourne beat Brisbane to Brisbane) by 59 88,000 in the Nine (and 2 F4,000 in Foxtail).

Reunion of friends At Foxtail, it was pulled to 66,000 and didn’t make the top Pay Pay TV shows of the night! Stream data is never available, but that’s where the numbers build – the way the measurements are viewed on streams and on TV can’t be compared in any way. Meanwhile Front bar At seven in a typical time in Melbourne, 000,0001,000 – 226,000 were attracted.

Back in Victoria with the virus there was a focus on ABC for viewers Today Morning – ABC News Breakfast More than 00,000 connected or viewers from two hours national and Today Added around 0,000. Sunrise added less than 1,000.

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