Better Work provides mental health support to garment workers

Rania al-Sarayreh

Amman – The “Better Work – Jordan” program began to support the mental health of workers in the textile sector, especially women, as they found employment in the sector (2%) and increased physical and psychological stress.
A report released by the International Labor Organization (ILO) says it focuses on helping to adapt mental health challenges to building workers’ capacity in the textile sector by ensuring factory-level support. Mental health referral systems are accessible to all workers.
, 65,02. Work in this sector, while the workforce consists mostly of migrant workers (76%). In the production branch, especially those operating outside the industrial sector, they employ mainly Jordanian workers, most of whom are women.
“Workers in the region, especially immigrants and women, face major challenges, including work and time, production pressures, access to services, and language barriers as a result of the Corona epidemic. The mental health of the workers, ”the report said.
The program’s mental health approach includes identifying psychological needs, raising awareness, providing mental health services, and building the capacity of partners in Jordan.
The program has also taken steps to meet the mental health needs of workers, so that it will increase their adaptation, and focus on building support systems in factories and through mental health referral systems.
The report confirms that “Jordan’s partners have demonstrated a commitment to workers ‘mental health. The Collective Bargaining Agreement 2012 is a testament to the inclusive role of employers and employers in supporting workers’ mental health needs.”
Last year, and through a preliminary study, the program examined the mental health needs and requirements of workers, and supported it with more direct results from them and the managers and managers of the garment factories, and then conducted an experimental awareness training for them. Workers.
The World Health Organization defines mental health as a “welfare state where everyone can realize their potential, adapt to normal stressful situations, work productively and meaningfully, and contribute to their community.”
According to the organization, more than one million people worldwide suffer from psychological disorders that lead to a loss of one trillion dollars a year in productivity.
The program supports the health organization in mental health, as the organization is trained in the “Mental Health Gap Action Program” and helps modify this intervention in the context of Jordan’s textile sector.
The “Better Work – Jordan” program is considered a partnership program between the Labor Organization and the International Finance Corporation. The work began 10 years ago at the request of the Jordanian and US governments. It brings together partners at all levels in Jordan. Global textile industry to improve compliance with Jordanian labor laws by improving working conditions in accordance with international labor standards, enhancing respect for labor rights and strengthening competition.
Since December last year, 88 factories have registered for the program, in% Jordan in the textile industry.

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