Below zero – where to find crystalline sulfur

Crystalline sulfur is an important raw material players need to find below Subnautica: Zero.

Crystalline sulfur acts as an oxidant and reducing agent in sports. There are a handful of places to find it in the middle of the world Subnautica: below zero. Players need to be aware of the dangers in those areas.

The material is incredibly useful, with six Fabricator recipes it needs for crafting and upgrading. This makes knowing how to find out more important, because only one does not do the trick.

Where to find Crystalline Sulfur in Subnautica: Below Zero

Image via Unknown World Entertainment
Image via Unknown World Entertainment

There are locations in all biomes and subnotics: below where players can find crystalline sulfur:

  • Arctic kelp caves
  • Crystal Caves
  • Crystal Castle
  • Delta Island
  • Dark purple vents
  • Purple vents
  • Twisty bridges

Crystalline sulfur can be found inside sulfur plants. This can only be done after the remaining crashfish has left the sulfur plant. In the Delta Islands it can be found in thermal ponds and cave walls.

Like many other sources in Subnautica: below zero, Crystalline sulfur can also be obtained from sea monkeys. They often have the resources to give players.

Image via Unknown World Entertainment
Image via Unknown World Entertainment

Delta Island is probably the player’s best bet to get an abundance of crystalline sulfur. Not only do thermal pools keep players warm, preventing them from dying, but the material can be found around them.

Many caves can be found on the wall. This makes Delta Island almost a one stop shop for them in search of crystalline sulfur. Subnautica: below zero playthrough.

Once assembled enough, it can be used to craft many items in the fabricator. These items include maintenance equipment, flares, laser cutters, Pran Suit jump jet upgrades, gas torpedoes, and citrock afterburner upgrades.

Keep an amazing guide along with YouTuber Chemistry Apes, showing exactly where to find Crystal Sulfer. He travels to safer places for players to harvest a ton of stuff.


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