Autonomous drones in Libya may have ‘hunted’ and attacked the army without human control – UN report – RT World News

A United Nations report has found that autonomous drones with explosive devices may have “hunted” rebel fighters in Libya last year. If true, the report traces the history of the world’s first true robot-human attack.

Accordingly ReportFighters from the anti-government Libyan National Army, led by army commander Khalifa Haftar, withdrew after a failed attack on Tripoli last March, when they joined a group of frightened air opponents.

They were “Hunting” By unmanned drones, as well “Deadly autonomous Weapons system, “ Which can be programmed to find and attack targets by subsequent controllers, and follow these instructions even if communication with the controllers is interrupted.

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The warriors of the week “Immunity against the effective use of this new technology was neither trained nor motivated and was generally confused,” he said. The report continues. While at the retreat, “They were under constant harassment.” From the killer robot.

It is unclear whether the drones were in contact with human controllers in these reported attacks, or whether they were directly responsible for any accidents or deaths. If they were operating independently, the scenario described in the report would mark a frightening milestone: the first recorded incident of a truly independent robot attacking humans on the battlefield. However, the report does not specify which robots are operating under which level of autonomy.

Drones, known as “Lottery Movements,” Quadcopter-type vehicles are equipped with cameras and carry small explosive devices. Leaving an area for operations, they identify targets and dive out of the air, flying into effect on their own. The devices identified in Libya were “cargo 2” lettermunions that the Turkish military used on the Libyan battlefield in alliance with the United Nations-backed and Tripoli-based National Accord government.

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The UN report states that their deployment is in violation of the 2011 UN Security Council resolution. Resolution Preventing member nations from engaging “Direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer” Weapons to the country.

The move to move autonomous weapons has been predicted by analysts for years and calls for a ban on such devices. The campaign to stop killer robots, a coalition of peace activists, scientists, academics and politicians, is urging the United Nations to adopt international sanctions.

“Current machine learning-based systems cannot influence farmers from soldiers,” he said. Security analyst Zachary Cullenborn Wrote In last week’s bulletin on nuclear scientists. “Farmers could keep rifles to protect their land, while soldiers could use grain to knock down the turret of a gun … various factors can hinder the right decision.”

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