Auskick Coordinator Champion! – AFL Queensland

Cool Beach Breakers Meet Dan from the AFL Auskick event.

He is in his third year as ASCII coordinator and is doing amazing work on the Sunshine Coast that his ASCIIs are having fun and learning about the rules of Australia. Thanks for all your hard work, DAN!

We had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her program …

How many years in Askik / Club?

We’ve been at the club for years now and this is my third year helping with the NAB AFL Auskick program.

Why did you join Askik?

All three of my kids have been through ASCII breakers or back in Adelaide. They are the ones who help you get out and participate in the program that introduces so many kids to our great game.

What’s your favorite thing about Auskick?

Looking at children is the ‘lightbulb’ moment where a particular concept or skill that we finally click on. Auskick also provides a platform for fun and to act like a child in time.

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