Apple suppliers in Vietnam have more COVID related labor issues

An optic in Coronavirus Cases in Vietnam are forcing supply chain manufacturers to operate below capacity as a surgical effort by Apple and others.

A new COVID outbreak in 2021 has stopped the spread of the disease to Vietnam. The factory has begun efforts to pacify the last outbreak spike, hoping to avoid a factory shutdown. Simple In 2020.

A source at an Apple supplier had reported that his work at the factory is divided into two shifts. The source also says the changes are temporary for now, with current measures expected for two weeks.

“Otherwise, the supply chain will be more or less disrupted,” the source said Said Reuters

Many factories are operating below capacity to allow for easy social distance and staff management. On more complex issues, Hanoi closed restaurants and banned gatherings to prevent the spread of the disease.

Apple has problems with supplier labor issues around the world.

In May, Apple suppliers Foxconn and Luxury were forced Shut up The incidence of coronavirus in factories in North Vietnam began to rise. Thirteen employees at Wistron and Foxconn factories in India Tested positive for COVID-19.

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