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Over the past 18 months, Disney + has reshaped conversations around new streaming content. Looks like Mandorian And WandaVision The way streaming channels can connect viewers has changed. But the main difference is to create new ones Star Wars From the beginning of the show and Marvel content these franchises are bound to gain high engagement with people with a tendency to like it. Disney + took a while to show support for under-represented filmmakers and audiences, taking risks in the unexpected. Although it’s a bit of a stretch, the new short film series Launchpad That’s a good leap in that direction.

Launchpad, Today’s premiere at Disney +, is the combined result of six young filmmakers, all from presented backgrounds. Each shorts – all about 1 to 20 minutes long – boasts a different and personal taste that automatically reminds them more than a good chunk of the new stuff they can find on Disney +. There’s a lot less of the new programming that feels more about personal and a box marked on the IP checklist. But six movies Launchpad Feel like them Is required It should be noted that these filmmakers had to tell these stories and were able to secure such a large stage.

Although all the shorts are solid, the right highlight is the “growing fad”, from writer / director Ann Marie Paes. The story is about Val, a young Mexican-American girl who hides from her friend to do a lot of mischief – she’s half human and half vampire. Paes builds a world of “rising flags” over a 20-minute period, as well as his thirst for command and camera (with a decent amount of destructive and ridiculous visual gags), indicating that this short can be tolerated. The weight of a helmet backing with him, turned into a feature film.

But all the shorts are effectively produced by their respective filmmakers, and perhaps most surprising is that they don’t all end up with the traditional, highly familiar happy ending that often feels like a mandate for Disney stories. “Dinner is served” by co-author / director Hao Zheng, looks like the journey of a prototype hero of Disney storytelling: a Chinese student at an American boarding school pursues the boarding school’s ambition to become another friend. But the film’s commentary on ethnic tokenism is surprisingly subtle, ending in a bittersweet, inspiring debate and discussion at a bold and thoughtful end.

Both “The Little Prince (s)” and “Let’s Be Tigers” also capture the deep emotion that is necessary for a young listener and important to see in a valuable condition. The “little prince (ss)” presents a harmless relationship between young boys when one’s highly conservative father sighs when the other is worried about how he likes ballets and princesses. “Late Tiger Bee Tigers” confronts the grief of a young woman who was filmed at night with a neighbor’s baby boy. “American Eid”, in which the two brothers link the sibling relationship to the annual Eid celebration as an encouragement to understand the holiday in their white-bread neighborhood; And in a place called “The Last of the Chupacabras,” where an elderly woman presents an actual version of a mythical Mexican creature, the light shines on the background presented in a clear description.

All in all, these are extremely effective calling cards for six filmmakers. If each of these young directors aren’t getting new projects, Disney or elsewhere, lined up in the coming weeks and months, it will at least happen. Backward concept Launchpad Clearly – Encourage these filmmakers by providing them with access to other big budgets, creative guidance, and cast. In that sense, the series is still an amazing success. You honestly can’t find anything like these shirts anywhere on Disney +, and that’s the good thing you can do now. Now the real challenge is at Disney, to promote these filmmakers well when they are available to watch shorts. All in all, see if you have Launchpad Shorts, it would be the equivalent of two hours of film. (CruelToday is also 1ving4 minutes. These six shorts are shorter, combined, and more fun.)

Within 1 month, you have a good idea of ​​what to expect when you visit Disney +. Launchpad A real exciting zig is where the streamer usually zags. If you really want to see different and unexpected stories – and hey, what a bonus, Original – You need to make time for these shorts. Disney, with its huge marketing machine, has to shout from the roof about this series. If there is justice, we will see these young filmmakers in action again soon … and Launchpad Will soon receive a second season of short films by more young actors with distinctive voices.

/ Film rating: 8 out of 10

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