Amber Portwood and Andrew Glenn explode in failed custody talks: See you in court!

Teenage mother Fans know Amber Pordwood for many things, but Putting her children first Not really one of them.

Still, he and his last victim-slash-child-father, Andrew Glenn, are in harsh custody.

This week, they were two Considered An agreement has been reached.

But it seems they can’t agree on anything – even when the court orders them.

Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood met while Amber was still in a toxic relationship in the past.

She and her former fans were in a quandary, trying to work things out Wedding boot camp.

Instead, she ran away from Matt Bayer and found comfort in Andrew’s arms.

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

James is now three years old.

But her parents have not been together since that lucky day in early July 2019.

At that time, a simple dispute related to the Fourth of July turned into a physical attack.

Amber repeatedly attacked Andrew.

Seriously, this came as no surprise as her criminal history includes domestic violence against her former child Darry Gary Surley.

To the panic of the fans, there was more, as Andrew was holding baby James at the time.

Andrew ran into a room with Jacob for security and locked the door.

Amber, the last person to own a machetes, is said to have begun hacking into the doorway that came out of the scary movie.

After Amber’s arrest – which led to her final conviction – Andrew was taken into primary physical custody.

Both share current legal custody.

Amber currently has permission for three unconfirmed meetings with James each week.

However, Amber has filed a petition to rectify the current situation.

Amber is now looking to meet up one night with her preschool-aged son.

In February, the judge ruled on his request – giving the court eight days except for a new arrangement through arbitration.

The sun It is reported that Amber and Andrew participated in an arbitration on May 24.

However, according to court documents, the arbitration was “unsuccessful”.

As such, they are expected to return to court in the future to, well, figure out your detention plan.

This is due to a request to modify Amber’s request to include overnight visits.

According to her, there has been a “change in circumstances” that she can “warrant” an adjustment.

Amber’s filing claims that state guidance should extend her old age and include the night that James is.

The repeat offender insisted that it was in James’s “best interest” to “modify the current parenting time.”

She wants to include “overnight parent time”.

However, this struggle is not the only part of the disagreement in their custody.

Amber had previously accused Andrew of violating her detention.

She claimed that she did not allow him to see James during the Christmas week.

He accused her of neither completing the required intake documents nor paying her parents a time coordinator.

Amber asked the court to keep her in contempt of the former court. This request was granted.

In any case, contempt may result in imprisonment, but Andrew was fined instead.

He was ordered to pay Rs 3,000 for Amber’s lawyer within ten days.

“[Andrew] This court has failed to comply with the order to start the service of Parent Time Coordinator, ”read Amber’s filing.

It continued: “And [Andrew] Trying to reject again [Amber] Parenting time over the Christmas holidays. “

She said she was also deprived of parental leave on October 311 and December 2, 2019, although the offer was rejected.

However, there was also a lot to talk about with Andrew, who was providing the calendar from October, November and December 2020.

She lists several events each month when Amber cancels or postpones visits from James.

Each time, Amber may have felt sick, or “weather” for the reason mentioned.

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