Amazon will set up a small ‘Zenbooth’ focus on its warehouses

One definition that could go down as of the 2021 moment, is on Amazon Unveiled The kiosk helps to annoy the working staff, Vice President Has been reported. About the size of the old school phone booth called the “ZenB Booth,” this small “practice room with ideology.” There work can practice the company’s “Amazon” program that guides them through mindfulness exercises at individual interactive kiosks in buildings, the company said. The booths are part of Amazon’s Workingwell program Announced Earlier this month

In practice, employees sit in small booths equipped with plants, pamphlets, fans and computers so that employees can play selected videos. As Amazon telephoned, the invention was made by an employee named Leila Brown. “With AmaZen I wanted to create a place that calms down, that people can go and focus on their mental and emotional well-being,” he said. “Zenbooth is an interactive kiosk where you can navigate to recharge internal batteries through a library of mental health and mental exercises.”

The booths come at a time when Amazon is on fire for its employee quotas and workplace injuries. Up Industry average. It has been criticized for issues like this 10 hour shifts are disgusting And Fear the opposition.

The light was lit on the dystopian idea of ​​supplying booths to Amazon rather than the rights of basic workers. “I think wages and working conditions are better than mobile dispersal closets,” he said. Tweet User Talia Lavin. Another Twitter user, Alex Press, mentioned that a portable toilet would actually be more useful (above).

It’s not clear when Amazon workers will be able to use the booths as well. Workers recently To file a case in the company Forced employees to inspect their walkie-talkies if any problems then arise in order to fail the legally required -0 minute rest schedule. Employees complained about a “long-term undertaken” shift that left them unable to rest for 10 minutes.

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