Amazon is now allowing Indians to read magazine articles on its shopping app TechCrunch

Amazon, in its growing desire to become a super app in India, is testing a new category to persuade users to spend more time on shopping services: feature articles.

US e-commerce giant has quietly launched “Special articles“India features feature articles, commentary and analysis on various topics including politics, governance, entertainment, sports, business, finance, health, health, books, and food on its shopping app and website. Articles have been extracted from many major local media houses and magazines. .

Some of these articles are available “only” on Amazon, the company says on its website. To drive engagement, Amazon is sending notifications to Kendall users.

Image: Himanshu Gupta

A recent addition, which was spotted and shared by TechCrunch Himanshu Gupta, The day comes after Amazon Launched a free video streaming service Within the shopping app in South Asian nations.

A spokesperson for Amazon confirmed the new feature at TechCrunch, saying, “We are focused on creating new and exciting experiences for our customers and in this effort we are testing a new service that brings articles on a variety of topics such as current affairs, books, business, entertainment, sports and life.” For style readers.

This is not the first time that Amazon has integrated some reading material into shopping services in India. In 2018, Amazon India began offering some gadget reviews and listings, obtained from local media houses.

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