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What we do know is that Netflix cancels some programs and lets others go very limited, thanks to the privacy of the streaming giant around the number. We don’t have the hard data to make this work, but Netflix executives indicate time and again business justification as to why they decide to put a display or key.

What bothers fans and the creator the most is that it shows that it is canceled before it enters the viewer’s skin or b) they were allowed to finish if they were too excited to share the story.

Skeet’s CreekCreator producer Daniel Levy tweeted when the show won Emmy’s Streetwin for its final season, “It’s an agreement that TV shows need time and space to lay the foundation, develop and grow. In the wrong hands, We have no doubt that he was referring to Netflix’s spectacular spectacle.

One of the most recent eliminations, Tuka and Bertie, Thanks adult pound has been another life for a second season. When Netflix canceled it, Lisa Hanwalt, creator of the animated series, shared, “And the show is still being searched by new fans every day! None of this makes a difference in the algorithm, but it’s important to me and I want to continue making art in this world. “

She added, “Thanks to everyone who loved and supported T&B, and to all who have been comforted and felt this event has given you a voice. I hope we can find a home for Tuca and Bertie to continue their adventure.” “And then they did. However, not all shows have the same fate.

TV canceled None are new. Neither the fans, the cast, nor the crew have heartbreaking reactions. Remember when Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fox canceled, then picked up by NBC for its fifth season after fans lost on the internet? That was a wild 2 hour hour, since the cast and creators shared on multiple panels. But the stakes for Netflix have always been high.

As a streaming giant, it commissions a large number of programs each year and certainly seems to have a budget for use. But it cancels programs that have so much potential. From a viewer’s point of view, most Netflix original programs only become popular after a while: first, they appeal to a particular audience and then suddenly there is a moment of viral fame when everyone tweets about them.

In the absence of any other numbers to crunch, how do we do this if the show makes Netflix a commercial meaning. Many canceled programs were well-received by the audience – regardless of the size of the audience – and certainly deserved a second chance.

Once a day

Inspired by the Norman Lear 155 series Once a day Following the life of Penelope, played by Justina Makado and her Cuban-American family. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

But Netflix ignored the qualitative impact of the program when they canceled it, saying, “We made a very difficult decision not to renew. Once a day For the fourth season. The choice was not easy – we spent a few weeks looking for a way to work next week but in the end enough weather didn’t justify another season. “


According to Netflix, it fell victim to the epidemic. Society It is a mysterious drama Based in West Ham, Conn. It follows a group of school students who return from a school trip and feel that other city dwellers are missing and unable to leave. So now it is up to them to build the society.

If we can get teen ambition and clean slate then what do we want the rules of the new order? Still young teens will have love, rocky friendships, and fit teenagers. Canceled Society Initially, the second session was on the cards because one was stunned. Anyway, the season finale ended at Cliffhanger. Guess we never know.

Both Society And I’m not well with it Everyone was well received by critics and spectators. Both of these were simultaneously key for the same reasons: budgetary and logical problems in the face of the epidemic.

Patriotic law with Hassan Minhaj

The epidemic was certainly not the cause Canceled Patriotic law with Hassan Minhaj, A bold and unprecedented pattern. Comedian Hassan Minhaj came from his own fact-driven, data-driven, and science-driven research and analysis of our cultural and political landscape.

If he wants proof of the show’s influence, consider this: In a nutshell, Minhaj criticized the Saudi government for killing journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Netflix had to reject the government’s claim that the incident went against the cybercrime law from a Saudi platform.

Hassan tweeted in response, “Obviously, the best way to stop people from watching something is to ban it, make it online, and leave it on YouTube.”


Between scientific fi collaboration Brit Marling and Will Batmanglij It looks like Netflix had a lot of brain-boggling for viewers, but listeners ratings aren’t enough brain-boggling for Netflix executives. A lot was happening OA. A woman who was blind came in contact with a talking tree, a telepathic octopus. . . Strangely, there was no limit. Netflix is ​​still pulling the plug on the show two seasons later.

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