AFL / Aussie Rules Football Training: SYDNEY Swan

I’m a big swan man of the Kepler days and the lions I saw on Saturday night were nothing short of ridiculous.

I knew we would be better off this year after killing everyone last year but there was no victory against the Lions without Badi, but I would never give tips against them.

We couldn’t manage double figures inside0 last year but it was amazing to get 2 get in this game so for my entertainment I want to see how I managed it.

I’ve used a very basic grade ding system of sorts with short / made / long leads and kicks to gain insight into how to go about the Forrid 500.

First quarter – within the IN0 mark

# 1 – Isaac Henny x Medium Leadership, Medium Kick, a sign competing for a goal

# 2 – Sam Red x Long Bomb Kick, Competing mark on the back

# – – Josh Kennedy x Free Man, Back Shirt Kick

# – – Logan McDonald X Long kick advantage, a backward competition mark.

*** —- Presents the current movement pattern and 0 represents the force movement pattern ***

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