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Brisbane Singh Opposite Foot Kick

Take mine

No super-sonic strategies are used here and I’ve covered these insights before – having the opposite foot kick in your kicking tool kit.

As you can see here the ball drop is not good and the kick is not good but it gets those who are under immediate pressure, a good chance to play the ball to their advantage.

The most overlooked part is I fix it, not being able to kick your opposite leg but making it an automatic one in your mind so you don’t have to think about getting it this time. There and then trying to do it on your favorite leg then you can’t really do it on your favorite leg and then to switch your interest, hold the ball and drop the ball on your opposite leg – during which time you will be under a lot of physical pressure kick To get away.

My suggestion is that coaches encourage opposing foot kicks in game simulation games when they are really needed, because that is when you will use them in games.

I orgainise any scoring system I am using to include the opposite foot kick when the player is a good choice.

And finally, sometimes the “Do not use the ball turnover hit on the field” rule is used to allow the Grubby reverse kick kick to get the ball from point A to point B somewhere.

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