Addison Roy talks to Haley Bieber for privacy talks, to get married

By Jamie Samhan.

1 minute ago

Edison Roy is revealing the life he wants.

Tiktok star, 20, joined Haley Bieber in a series of OBB Pictures-produced YouTube series “Who’s in My Bathroom”.

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After parting ways with her on-the-go boyfriend Bryce Hall recently, Roy expresses her hope for love.

“I love it. I’m depressedly romantic, so I hope they get married, yes… hopefully next year I’ll get married too, “she said,” one of the reasons their relationship broke up was because “a lot of people were looking at us. . “

Even with that new stardom, Rai is forced to rethink her privacy, and she says she “never really makes it a matter of sharing, you know, details about anything.”

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“It was hard to adjust to the idea that the person was interested, or it seemed like looking and reacting more than usual, people are worried about things in your relationship,” she adds.

What she has learned for her next relationship – from “I have learned from this is to keep your circle small, and to keep your fights secret, to let you know, to keep intimate things private, and to respect each other.”


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