Acupressure wristband is effective in relieving nausea from migraine

One of the most unbearable migraine symptoms is nausea, and it affects mig0% of migraine sufferers in the United States. A headache therapist in a study showed that pressure with an acupressure wristband is an effective and quick treatment to relieve migraine nausea at the anti-inflammatory point on the inner part of the pulse.[1]

According to the American Migraine Foundation, migraines affect millions of Americans, and may be a debilitating neurological condition, and the World Health Organization considers it to be the 1st leading cause of death for both men and women of all ages. The acupressure study included individuals who experienced an average of 33.1 days of migraine in 3 months, with an average intensity of 6.2 out of 10 for the brain.

People received Acupressure wristbands Migraine nausea decreased with over 83% of people taking antiemetic drugs during a migraine attack. Reported migraine nausea received a score of 2.9 out of 10 following treatment and relief was reported after an average of 28 minutes. Almost all participants stated that they would use acupressure wristband again for migraine nausea.

The big advantage of using acupressure wristbands for migraine nausea is that they are drug-free, so they are usually found with migraine medication or any unnecessary side effects with antiemetics, such as fatigue or dizziness.

Migraine infographic

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