A man is jailed for stealing a gun to earn money while intoxicated Goulburn Post

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A man who tried to steal a gun and sell it was taken to prison after a string of crimes. Steven Matthew Gibbs, 27, of Golburn, appeared in local court on May 26. He was convicted: Gibbs pleaded guilty to all charges, including breaking into a youth shed on July 27, 2020 and stealing a gun. The next day the gun section also read: Magistrate Geraldine Beatty said Gibbs and a co-defendant had a safe device with four rifles, as well as 2mun0 rounds of ammunition and scopes. The magistrate told the court by telephone that Gibbs had tried to sell guns. She said police stopped Gibbs’ vehicle on July 22, 2020 at Hume Highway, Yas. She told the court that in a search of the vehicle, police found a cm0 cm long wooden handle knife in the driver’s door near the handbrake, ammunition, and .22 caliber magazine. Magistrate Beatty said the victim was a 16-year-old child. She said Gibbs told the victim, “I’ll punch your spear in your head and hit your head on your shoulder.” “[Gibbs’] Behavior when arrested [for intimidation] “Police shouted at the inner cage of the truck and demonstrated anger by hitting it with their hands,” she said. The magistrate told the court that Gibbs was found to be driving after disqualifying two drivers on June, July and July 28, 2020. At one point, the perpetrator tried to evade police. She told the court she wasted dark roads, turning off cars and headlights, and “Every time you knew you were disqualified,” she said. Solicitor Matthew Adam said his client had committed a crime known as “meth” to his methamphetamine. He told the court that Gibbs’ family was born in Canberra before his family settled in Tasmania. He said Gibbs was cared for as a child and ended up living with his father in Golburn. Prosecutors said Gibbs had attended Gulburn High School for eight years. “During this time, he began using drugs and came into contact with police,” he said. He said. Mr Adam told the court the culprit had been identified. PTSD, depression and anxiety. “She knows she is [in jail] “As a result of the use of meth and other drugs,” he said.[Gibbs is] Clearly someone who had significant problems throughout his childhood, this is reflected in his drug use. “Gibbs was sentenced to a total of three years of full-time detention during a two-year non-parole period. His driver’s license was disqualified for one year. Upon release. Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news in the community. You can access our trusted content.



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