A flood of new foldable phones could be on the way this summer

Foldable phones are the new heat in the Android world, and it looks like we could see the launch of new devices starting in the third quarter of this year. DigiTimes Reports say that with the exception of Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold and Flip devices, Siamese, Oppo, and Vivo could all launch new foldable phones in 2021.

Samsung is reportedly planning to release it Galaxy Z folder 3 Some time it July. It serves as the company’s big flagship smartphone launch for the second half of the year. Samsung has reportedly confirmed that it has a new entry in the Galaxy Note line Will not be released in 2021. The smaller Galaxy Z Flip 2 is also expected to launch in July.

DigiTimes Xiaomi also reports plans to launch new foldable phones later this year. Details about those devices have not been revealed, but they are expected to cost less than that Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold, Which started this year and its starting cost in China was .999 yuan (1,521).

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In late 2020, Oppo unveiled the concept phone, this Oppo X2021, That includes a reusable display that extends the phone’s screen from 7.7 inches to .4..4 inches. Oppo said at the time Android authorization Were there There are no plans to make a commercial version Any time soon of this concept. Although DigiTimes Now Oppo claims to be making phones with a rolling display in the second half of 2021. The article mentions that Vivo will launch a new foldable phone this year but does not offer any other details. Recent rumors The Vivo is working on a clamshell foldable phone like the Galaxy S Flip, turning off the small 2-inch display when paired with the main-inch display.

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