8 Secrets to Successful AI Projects

Business leaders at each level see the value of using artificial intelligence, but use AI with good where the right value is.

Here, there may be a text guide from the leading stream. According to a recent Deloitte survey, early adopters of AI taking 2% of AI are seeing positive financial results from their investment in cognitive technology with an average return on investment of 1 c%.

The biggest difference between a successful AI project and a failed one? Whether it’s driven by technology or business needs, says Nitin Mittal, head of analytics and cognitive proposals at Delite Consulting.

Organizations seeking to maximize AI focus: “Focus on specific use cases that can lend themselves to AI. Focus on business objectives that need to be achieved, verify value, and measure. That’s where we’ve seen a lot of success.”

Here are eight tips for converting artificial intelligence projects into business value, said by those taking real-world benefits from AI.

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