100W supercharge adapter Honor Pro0 Pro + found online

It is expected to stage its grand global comeback with respect Respect series0 series Phones in the coming weeks. The series reportedly includes three phones, the Honor 500, the Honor Pro0 Pro, and the Honor Pro0 Pro +. In the triangle, the flagship Honor Pro0 Pro + allegedly supports 100W fast charging. Now an image of its 100W charging adapter is reportedly online.

The adapter, as shown above, is not a USB-C power delivery charger to USB-C. So it’s possible that ‘Hunar Supercharge’ is probably an proprietary solution that splits the battery into two parts – just like a very high wattage proprietary solution.

A reliable Lexter from China claims that the 100W charger does not have to be purchased separately, and will be bundled in a box. The other two lower models will get 66W faster charging instead.

100W chargers are not yet widely used, but they are slowly gaining ground. 120W charging has debuted on phones like this MI10 Ultra And IQO. In China, but we are still looking at 100W + charged phones in India.

Honor 500 and Honor Pro0 Pro will be powered by the recently launched Snapdragon 8 778G eight-core chipset, While the Honor Pro0 Pro + line-line can get Snapdragon 8 888. The most interesting thing is that this will be the first set of Honor phones after the US app has already banned Insight.

Huawei’s smartphone division has been hit hard by the US government’s listing of it as an export entity. To cover the losses, the company sold its skilled sub-brand agents and consortium of deals. As an independent brand, Honor has been able to re-license Google Mobile Services. It has renewed its ties with other major US companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft and AMD.


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