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Jayathma Vikramanayake, the UN Secretary-General’s envoy, told IPS that the summit had achieved an important goal of bringing institutional and political dialogue to the youth. Clockwise from top left: Jayatma Vikramanayake, Swetha Stotra Bhashyam, Emanuel Sindikubbabo, Diana Garletska. Courtesy: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
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    The original article was published on April 2, 2012

Under Diversification, accessibility and the three umbrella themes of the interviewHe called on countries and corporations to invest in the resources needed to address environmental discrimination and climate injustice, create green employment, engage communities in biodiversity conservation, protect marine life, realize gender equality for climate change mitigation, and raise voice in environmental policy making. Are urging to be empowered.

“Young people talk about the main demands they have, and often they are criticized for saying ‘I want this,’ but not sure what you can do,” said the Global South Youth Biodiversity Network. The focal point for GYBN) is Swetha Stotra Bhashyam IPS. “So we incorporated our demands into our own actions through us.Your Word, our Future ‘campaign and world leaders are asking what we are doing for the world and what they are doing for us and our future. “

Bhashyam is one of the youth dedicated to climate and conservation work. A zoologist who once studied rare species from the Indian subcontinent told IPS that she hopes to return to wildlife studies and research one day, but that her skills in advocacy and youth mobilization are urgently needed. Through her work with GYBN, recognized under the youth sector Biodiversity Conference, He proudly said that the network has indeed been ‘shattered’, with national chapters. He said the IUCN Global Youth Summit, which took place from April 1 to 1, Youth networks like his gave an unprecedented platform to reach thousands of young people around the world.

The summit was able to create places for young people to express their ideas. We have these gaps in the biodiversity space, but IUCN can’t reach the numbers it can. The IUCN not only reached out to a large subset of young people, but gave us an open space to talk about critical issues, “he said.” They let us go too. Write a blog About it on its main IUCN page. These are called IUCN crossroads. They tried to make sure that the voices of the youth were in the mainstream in two weeks. ”

Jayathma Vikramanayake, the UN Secretary-General’s envoy, told IPS that the summit had achieved an important goal of bringing institutional and political dialogue to the youth. During his tenure, Vikramanayake has advocated common principles for rights, security and youth involvement in the UN system on adequate financial grounds. She said it was important for organizations to open the door to meaningful engagement with young people.

“I remember in 8th or 9th grade in one of our biology classes, we were taught about endangered animal species. We learned about an organization called IUCN, which works on biodiversity. In my head, it was a big organization as a young person. It was out of my reach.

“But the opportunity to attend the IUCN Summit, to engage with its officials, and to engage with other young people, has really given me a sense of belonging and may bring other young people closer to their assets and the institutions we are trying to achieve. We have the same goals as young advocates. ”

The youth envoy said the summit was timely for young people. They were given jobs, educational opportunities and anxiety boosts after a special year and during an epidemic.

“The young activists felt that the momentum we had created over the years of campaigning, protesting and striking schools would weaken, as uncertainty and large-scale negotiations were postponed. “This kind of summit is extremely important to keep this momentum high and keep up the pressure on institutions and governments,” Vikramanayake said.

Others Results of the Global Youth Summit Includes tomorrow:

  • Advance food sovereignty for marginalized communities, including recommendations to promote climate smart farming technology through direct access to marginalized communities vulnerable to the effects of climate change and extreme events.
  • Inspire constructive responses to weather emergencies, and
  • Through civil science, engineers promote sustainable futures, including recommendations for developing accessible learning materials that promote the idea that everyone can participate in data collection and scientific knowledge building.

The event was billed as not just a summit but an experience. There were sessions Live broadcast Over two weeks, including sessions on youth involvement in conservation administration, live story slum events, yoga as well as how to start and measure a sustainable lifestyle business. There were also various network session sessions.

Lithuania’s Diana Garletska represented the Coalition WILD, which co-chairs the youth leadership organization, which works to create sustainable youth leadership for the planet.

She told the IPS Summit It was a “very powerful and immersive experience.”

“I am impressed with how knowledgeable young people of different ages were. Many spoke from their own experiences about recycling projects and entrepreneurial activities. Others shared ideas on how to use different art forms for climate emergency communication. Either way, the conversations I had so easily remembered were how to uncover environmental issues in theatrical performances. I thought of it as food, ”said Garleska.

For Rwanda’s Rehabilitation and Youth Environmental Education Organization We do GREEN’s Emmanuel Syndicubawabo, the conference provided excellent networking opportunities.

“I truly believe that because of the summit, young people around the world are better connected. It’s scary because so many mistakes are being made because of the epidemic, but it’s fun because it was an invitation to help. There is already a lot of young work going on. We need to do better in its performance and support, ”he told IPS.

Cindykubbabo said he was ready to apply what he had learned at the summit.

“The IUCN Global Youth Summit has provided my team and I provide new insights and perspectives from the global youth community that will be useful in redefining our program in Rwanda.” The world is facing a Tripura-crisis; weather, nature and poverty, we have a lot We have made new contacts that will make a significant positive difference to our community and nation in the near future. ”

The Global Youth Summit took place less than six months ago IUCN World Conservation Congress, Prescribed for sep. To to 11. The result will be presented to the Congress.

Referring to the recent events, the UN Secretary-General’s envoy to the UN is hoping to see more of these events.

“It simply came to our notice then. It was the first IUCN Youth Summit, which is excellent and I hope it will not be the last, it will be the beginning of a long dialogue and more lasting dialogue with the youth of IUCN … its work, its strategy, its policy and its agreement, ”said Vikramanayake.

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